2012-2013 Broadcast/Pro RAID Video Storage Report

SCRI International, Inc.
April 1, 2012
10 Pages - SKU: SCR3830878
It will be interesting to see the evolution of SATA drives with their less expensive protocol and implementation cost. This technology is designed to handle capacity… a word that will encapsulate the future. Capacity… and lot’s of it. A reliable way to store and re-distribute huge amounts of data. SATA will not have as much appeal in the post production and broadcast world, because it still lacks the speed of FC and SCSI drives. Organizations that don’t need to rotate and access data at lightning fast speeds, will opt for this less expensive option since it is a better value than a high-end disk.

This is just part of the findings from SCRI’s Broadcast/Pro Video RAID Video Storage Report . The full SCRI report provides quantitative data, based on extensive annual primary research surveys (since 1984) of broadcast and pro video facilities in each of the following end-user vertical markets: broadcast television stations, cable television stations, post production facilities (video and film), video production and multimedia facilities, corporate and institutional video facilities (government, educational, medical).

Quantitative data tables for 2011, 2012 & 2013 show total number of end-user facilities, total number and percentage purchasing by year , total dollars spent purchasing, total units purchased, average number of units purchased per end-user facility, and average price per unit. This data is displayed for each of the six vertical end-user markets as well as for the total across the board broadcast / pro video marketplace.

In addition, charts and tables show total units by format, by price range and by market share of the leading brands.

The approximately 10 page report commences with a detailed written report of the total category as well as of each individual vertical end-user market, bringing the quantitative data tables and charts to life with insightful analysis and forecasts. The written analysis is followed by the quantitative data tables and charts.

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