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Mobile Messaging Futures 2013-2017

344 Pages Portio Research Limited July 05, 2013 SKU: PORT5072811

Mobile messaging is a USD 230 billion dollar business, and it is the most profitable, most exciting, and most talked about segment of the mobile industry today.

Mobile Messaging Futures was first published in 2005, and this is now the 7th Edition of this industry-leading report. This massive and detailed report is packed with all the essential market sizing data, critical forecasts and country-level market data you need to understand this complex and rapidly-evolving business.

Mobile Messaging Futures 2013-2017 offers you:
  • Ground breaking analysis of the crucial SMS versus OTT battle
  • Exclusive OTT market data – OTT messaging apps users, traffic, revenues and country level data
  • Full detailed analysis of SMS markets worldwide:
  • SMS users worldwide
  • SMS traffic – regional breakouts, and country level data for more than 70 individual country markets
  • SMS usage (average use per-person per-month) for more than 70 countries
  • SMS revenue analysis, global and regional
  • Full SMS traffic and revenue forecasts at global and regional level – the forecasts in this report are widely referenced in the media as the definitive data for the SMS business worldwide
  • The most extensive analysis of OTT messaging apps available in the world today:
  • OTT users worldwide, regional break-outs and country level data for 30 individual country markets
  • OTT revenues – industry FIRST OTT messaging revenues worldwide for 2012 and forecast through to end of 2017
  • OTT traffic – worldwide and regional traffic data and forecasts, average usage per OTT user and more
  • OTT business models – analyse how different OTT messaging players are monetizing their services
  • Complete analysis of MMS markets worldwide
  • MMS traffic – worldwide and regional break-outs, plus country level data for 50 individual country markets
  • MMS revenues – worldwide and regional break-outs, complete analysis of regional MMS markets
  • Full MMS traffic and revenue forecasts through to the end of 2017
  • Extensive coverage of Mobile Email markets:
  • Mobile Email users – worldwide and regional market sizing, plus country level data for 33 individual country markets
  • Mobile Email revenues – global and regional break-outs for all regions
  • Full Mobile Email users and revenues forecast worldwide and regional through to the end of 2017
  • SMS Hubbing – report includes a look at hubbing markets and major players
  • RCS – report includes an introduction to RCS, worldwide user forecasts to 2017
  • Mobile IM market analysis – as mobile IM merges into OTT, we clarify for you exactly where the market stands
  • Plus extensive insight into consumer messaging behaviour, we help you understand how SMS, OTT, Social Networks, MMS and other communication apps are stacking up in the competition to win consumer clicks and generate service revenues
  • And more!
The worldwide mobile messaging market was worth USD 218 billion in 2012. This number is forecast to rise to USD 230 billion in 2013 and on to USD 239 billion in 2015. Mobile messaging will generate more than USD 1.1 TRILLION in service revenues over the next 5 years.

The massive reach of SMS

Among the mobile messaging services scrutinised in this report, SMS yielded the highest revenue for operators in 2012. SMS will continue to generate by far the biggest messaging revenues for the next 5 years. The humble text message turned 20 years old late last year, and despite the many media reports telling us that ‘SMS is dead’, and that WhatsApp and iMessage and other OTT messaging apps are now set to replace SMS, the reality is that SMS is in the hands of more consumers than ever before, and worldwide, SMS popularity, traffic and revenues are still rising.

The first SMS was sent in 1992, and the first commercial services launched (but were hardly used) in 1993. SMS first started achieving popular use in 1994, and growth was exploding at more than 1000% per annum through 1995 and 1996 and 1997. By 1999, worldwide 100 billion SMS text messages were sent from one cell phone to another, and that figure grew ten-fold to exceed the first TRILLION SMS sent in one year in 2005.

Now in 2013, worldwide SMS traffic will exceed 8.16 trillion messages over the course of the year. Our forecasts show SMS traffic continuing at a similar pace over the next four years, clocking up another 32 trillion messages by the end of 2017.

In total, from ‘birth’ in 1992, to the end of 2012, over 20 years, the world’s mobile networks have carried 40 trillion text messages. With 8 trillion per year forecast for the next few years, we estimate the next 40 trillion will be carried by the time SMS turns 25.

What about the OTT threat?

Obviously, the rise of OTT messaging apps – such as WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Viber, KakaoTalk, Skype, Kik Messenger, Nimbuzz and many others – has caused major disruption to the endless growth of SMS.

Everyone wants answer to the BIG questions:
  • Is SMS over; is it about to drop off a cliff?
  • Are OTT messaging apps killing and replacing SMS?
  • Are MNOs losing billions as OTT cannibalizes SMS?
Everyone in the mobile industry wants to know the answers to these questions. SMS has been a multi-billion dollar cash cow for the last decade and everyone wants to know ‘is the party over?’

Well, the answer is…

No, the party is not over, but the coolest guests have moved on to a new party, the booze is running out, the BBQ has lost its heat and the DJ has played his best mix. It’s less a case of ‘dropping off a cliff’, and more a case of ‘slowly rolling down a hill’.

This all-new 7th edition of Mobile Messaging Futures will explain exactly why the OTT messaging apps are not killing SMS as fast as many predicted, the report will show you markets where OTT apps have been hugely successful, yet SMS is still growing in popularity at the same time. The report will show you which markets have seen some cannibalisation of SMS in favour of OTT apps, and then the reports looks at both types of market and addresses the questions “Why the difference?”

This report will help you explore the SMS versus OTT battle ground in depth, and understand exactly what forces are driving consumer use of OTT messaging apps, and what factors are helping maintain the strength of SMS. The report also looks at the major OTT players, to help you understand the business models they use, to see who is making money and who is not. We look at OTT players generating revenues from app sales, from advertising, from in-app sales and from additional features. And what about the networks? We look at how MNOs are making money from SMS, and from OTT messaging services, and we look at the reality behind these stories about operators losing billions in SMS revenue to OTT messaging apps.

Everything you need to know about mobile messaging markets is in this report. Complete country-by-country analysis of 73 countries.
Data on users, traffic, revenues, players, it’s all in one report.
SMS, OTT, MMS, Mobile Email, Mobile IM – everything you need in one place.

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Mobile Messaging Futures 2013-2017

Portio Research Limited
July 05, 2013

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