Mobile Messaging Futures 2010-2014

Portio Research Limited
January 20, 2010
355 Pages - SKU: PORT2644825

Mobile messaging is huge. The worldwide mobile messaging market was worth USD 150.6 billion in 2009, and this figure will race to USD 233 billion by end-2014. Among the four exciting mobile messaging services (SMS, MMS, mobile e-mail and mobile IM) scrutinised in this invaluable new report, SMS yielded the highest revenue for operators in 2009 and will continue to unequivocally rule the mobile messaging world in the immediate future. Even in 2014, SMS will generate more revenue than the collective revenue of the other three services.

In 2009, worldwide SMS revenue stood at a staggering USD 102.3 billion and this is forecast to grow to over USD 109 billion by end-2010. Annual worldwide SMS traffic volumes rose to nearly 5.5 trillion SMS at end-2009, and total SMS traffic will break 6.6 trillion in 2010. Highly impressive growth will continue from there.

MMS is not a failure. We closed out the last edition of Mobile Messaging Futures pressing this sentiment home — MMS was the second most successful non-voice mobile service in the world then, and remains so now — but with misconceptions about this messaging service still rife, it bears repeating. MMS is a success.

MMS has seen significant, impressive growth. Granted not the unrealistic growth that was over-imagined before its launch, and obviously not the astronomical uptake that SMS has seen, but rising revenues that will make it a USD 31.5 billion market by end-2010 and keep it as the second most successful messaging service (behind SMS) in revenue terms until end-2014. In 2009, worldwide MMS revenue saw a year-on-year increase of over 22 percent; worldwide MMS traffic in 2009 achieved y-o-y growth of 48 percent.

This new market study looks at the worldwide mobile messaging market in eleven fact-filled chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Worldwide Mobile Market
  • Mobile Messaging Market
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Mobile E-mail
  • Mobile IM
  • Mobile Messaging Vendor Survey
  • Messaging Vendor Profiles
  • Summary and Conclusions
  • Appendices (including full glossary of terms)
Using ever-improving forecasting models, this detailed new market study explores the relationships between SMS and mobile IM, MMS and mobile e-mail, and how these messaging formats are likely to grow together; through our examination of the competition and synergies between these formats, we help you understand the likely future relationships.

Our essential new research finds that the worldwide mobile e-mail user base stood at 330.5 million at the end of 2009 — an increase of 34.6 percent from 2008 — and will grow to nearly 3.5 times its current size by end-2014. While growth in mobile e-mail revenue is not expected to keep pace with user base growth, worldwide mobile e-mail revenue will still more than double from 2009’s USD 17.3 billion to nearly USD 40 billion by end-2014.

In 2009, the worldwide mobile IM (MIM) user base stood at 191.1 million and this is forecast to grow five-fold to an incredible 955.6 million users in 2014. Meanwhile, worldwide mobile IM revenues will multiply four-fold from USD 4.3 billion in 2009 to USD 18 billion by end-2014.

The expansive fourth edition in our hugely popular messaging series also contains analysis from our new survey of the worldwide mobile messaging solutions community, plus a BONUS 26-slide Executive Summary presentation. With essential insight and extensive worldwide, regional and country-level data over 355 pages, this is one of the most detailed and popular reports ever written on the worldwide mobile messaging market.

Further reasons to buy this research:

  • Benefit from a complete review for each messaging technology in each region
  • Explore and identify opportunities in this rapidly growing segment
  • Examine regional mobile e-mail and mobile IM revenue and user penetration forecasts
  • Familiarise yourself with the growing USD 169 billion messaging market in 2010
  • Gain insight into P2P/A2P SMS Traffic breakouts; and SMS 2.0
  • Understand why SMS forecasts can’t be aggressive enough; and how MMS is very much a success with a bright future
  • Reflect on responses and analysis from our new messaging vendors survey
  • Digest commentary on the effects of messaging bundle pricing plans; the impact of the financial crisis; and the potential threat from smartphones to data revenues
  • Speed-read the bonus 26-slide executive summary presentation

Please note: The online download version is a 1-5 user license.

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