Business Intelligence IT Strategy Report

Business Intelligence IT Strategy Report

March 7, 2011
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The demands on business responsiveness and operational speed and flexibility for enterprises competing in today’s economically challenging environment make BI a necessity rather than a luxury. Survival depends on visibility into operations and making the right decisions, and BI initiatives continue to top CIO agendas.

Features and benefits
  • BI is a growth industry with a predicted spend of over $9.1bn in 2014
  • Underlining this growth are significant changes to the way in which BI systems are built and deployed.
  • The core business imperatives for implementing and benefiting from BI and analytics software holds firm in both a recession and growth economy.

The emerging implementation and technology trends that impact how BI systems are being built, packaged, and deployed. Why new deployment models promise to lower the complexity and cost of implementing BI systems. How predictive analytics can squeeze greater valuable insights from BI data using forward-looking analysis.

Your key questions answered
  • The business forces and trends that are driving the corporate adoption of BI and analytic technologies today.
  • How to identify and evaluate the essential building blocks of a BI and analytics system.

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