Mobile Commerce Market and Forecast 2012 - 2017

Mind Commerce Publishing
January 1, 2012
112 Pages - SKU: CCJQ6776810
1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 Mobile Commerce Market
2.1 The Future Of M-commerce
2.2 Major Trends Affecting The M-commerce Markets
2.2.1 The Transition To 4g And Lte
2.2.2 How Tablets Can Affect M-commerce
2.2.3 Next Generation Devices (What’s Beyond Tablet And Cell Phones..?)
2.2.4 M2m Building Blocks
2.2.5 M2m Evolution
2.2.6 The Major Components Of M2m
2.2.7 Wireless M2m Devices
2.2.8 Wireless Transport Of M2m Data To And From The Monitoring Facility
2.2.9 The Back-end Operations And Support Infrastructure
2.2.10 M2m Solution Building Blocks: A More In-depth View
2.2.11 The Machine The Customer Intends To Monitor And Control
2.2.12 The In-field Hardware Device Created By The Hardware Vendor
Wireless Network
2.2.13 The Back-end Server
2.2.14 The Internet
2.2.15 The Customer Facility For Monitoring And Controlling The Machines
2.2.16 Mobile Payment
2.2.17 Mobile Payment Methods
2.2.18 “in-band” Payment Method
2.2.19 Proximity
2.2.20 Common Issues Of Mobile Payment
2.2.21 Payment Lifecycle
2.2.22 Mobile Payment Value Chain
2.2.23 Mobile Payment Systems
2.2.24 Current M-payment Market
2.2.25 M-payment Analysis
2.2.26 Money Transfers
2.2.27 The M-banking Regional Market And Service Providers
2.2.28 Money Transfers Environment
2.2.29 M-banking Ecosystem
2.2.30 M-banking Stakeholders
2.2.31 Advantages Of The M-payments Systems
2.2.32 Mobile Ticketing Market 2012-2017
2.2.33 Mobile Tickets Case Studies
2.2.34 Conclusion
2.2.35 Mobile Advertising
2.2.36 The Advertising Double Edged Sword
2.2.37 Market Summary
2.2.38 Case Study Rim
2.2.39 Case Study Apple
2.2.40 Case Study Popcap Games
2.2.41 Case Study Car Locator
2.2.42 Platform Market Share
2.2.43 Market Sizing
2.2.44 Predicted Mobile Sales
2.2.45 Predicted Smart Phone Sales
2.2.46 Predicted Mobile Application Sales And Revenue
2.2.47 Recent Market Developments As Growth Indicators
2.2.48 Market Sizing And Forecast
2.2.49 Smart Phone Market Performance
2.2.50 Smart Phone User Survey
2.2.51 The Future Of Mobile Commerce Applications
2.2.52 Creative Solutions
2.2.53 Location Sensitive Applications
2.2.54 Pay Point Solutions
2.2.55 Swarm Data Mining
2.2.56 Next Generation M-commerce
2.2.57 The Wallet
2.2.58 Digital Id
2.2.59 Electronic Signature
2.2.60 Convergence Of Portable Devices
2.2.61 Multimedia Tagging
2.2.62 Geocasting, Personal Broadcasting
2.2.63 Breaking The Phone Mold
2.2.64 Unlocking And Starting Your Car
2.2.65 Authentication On A Computer And Elsewhere
2.2.66 Remote Control
2.2.67 Summary
3.0 Case Studies: Mobile Commerce Market Scenarios
3.1 The Domination Of The Application Scenario
3.1.1 The Current Market Analysis
3.1.2 Case Study: Which Devices Will Be Used In Application Downloads
3.1.1 Application Store For Mobile Phones
3.1.2 Apple App Store
3.1.3 Android Marketplace Analysis
3.1.4 Individual Application Performance
3.1.5 Recommendations For The Mobile App Marketplace
3.1.6 Applications For Tablets And Its Performance
3.2 Application Damnation Scenario In The Future
3.2.1 Conclusion
3.2.2 Challenges For This Scenario
3.2.3 Solutions To Overcome The Challenges
3.3 The Second Scenario: Rise Of The New Wireless Devices And Pc Tablets
3.3.1 The Current Market And Its Anticipations
3.3.2 The Future Of The Next Generation Devices Scenario (Living In Minority Report World)
3.3.3 Challenges Of This Scenario
3.3.4 Solution To Overcome The Challenges
3.3.5 Other Scenarios
3.4 Trends That Will Effect The M-commerce Industry


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