Google Acquisitions: A Qualitative Analysis and Business Assessment

Mind Commerce Publishing
January 1, 2012
15 Pages - SKU: CCJQ6789253
Google is making big bets in the areas of wireless handsets and applications. This research provides a qualitative examination behind the series of Google’s corporate acquisitions, highlighted by Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility. In this report, we evaluate the vision and potential for Google acquisitions.

The report analyzes Google’s direction and their integration plans including their key acquisition, Motorola Mobility. It also identifies “holes” remaining in their portfolio relative to what they need to bolster their market position, generate additional revenue, and generally realize a positive ROI

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  • Competitors to Google: Any company that either already has or is contemplating a competing line-of-business, application, product, service, etc.
  • Investor Community: Investment banks, private equity, venture capital, angel fund investors, and any other entity seeking to invest in any venture that is impacted (positively or negatively) by Google
  • Small Companies and Start-up's: Any small company or start-up that has a new idea or business that could be impacted (positively or negatively) by Google
  • Others: Google continues to expand in depth and breadth of product areas and influence throughout many industries including search, media, communications, content, telephony, applications, and more.

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