IPTV (5th edition)

Informa Media and Telecom
December 1, 2009
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Attention: There is an updated edition available for this report.
IPTV looks at present market trends and evaluates the future direction the market is taking. It includes important illustrative statistics and reliable forecasts to 2014. It includes detailed forecasts for the top 55 countries.

Key Coverage
  • With numerous recent launches of IPTV worldwide, do you have the clear and reliable analysis that will enable you to exploit new opportunities in this thriving market?
IPTV report will provide you with:
  • Forecast background and methodology
  • Global IPTV forecasts overview
  • Global IPTV subscriber forecasts, 2000-2014
  • IPTV subscribers by region
  • IPTV subscribers by region (000)
  • Global IPTV revenue forecasts, 2000-2014
  • IPTV revenues by region
  • IPTV revenues by region (US$ million)
Key questions answered by this report:
  • So how do telcos make money from IPTV services?
  • Is IPTV just a customer retention tool?
  • Do the IPTV operators want to push these additional services hard if they are already heavily involved in promoting their tripleplay packages?
Who should read this report?

Essential reading for:
  • Telcos: Learn more about where IPTV can fit into your business strategy.
  • Investment Banks: Gain valuable insights into which countries will enable you to maximise your investment opportunities.
  • TV Companies: Discover the strategies your competitors are using and find out how IPTV technology and investment is changing the face of broadcasting.
  • Analysts, legal and financial: Use our forecasts, historic data and independent analysis to build your knowledge of this new sector and identify where your own expert knowledge may be required.
  • Broadcast Technology companies: As a new sector, IPTV offer new revenue streams. Identify which technological developments are likely to have a profitable impact on your business.
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