Get Moving with Server Virtualization

Info-Tech Research Group
March 1, 2010
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Save money while building an agile, efficient and resilient server infrastructure.

Your Challenge
  • Situation. The trigger for considering server virtualization typically comes from a need to purchase or refresh server hardware. Vendors position virtualization as a cost saver and utilization booster through consolidation.
  • Issue. Beyond server consolidation, tangible cost savings are more elusive. Real benefits derive from server management which can be more difficult to determine.
  • Solution/Answer. Consolidation with virtualization is a proven cost saver. This set shows you how virtualization saves money and will lead to a more efficient and responsive infrastructure.
Our Advice

Critical Insight

Virtualization is typically not driven by strategy but rather by tactical considerations in server refresh. Save 40% to 70% in capital expenses now through consolidation, however, careful planning is critical for long-term benefit.

Impact and Result

Server consolidation with virtualization is a proven money saver. Virtualization also enables a more agile and efficient infrastructure if managed effectively.

  • Most organizations underestimate the people and productivity impact of major changes
  • Most leaders are ill-equipped to communicate effectively while managing themselves through the change
  • Staff is looking to its leaders to guide them and provide both the change drive and motivation and the safety nets at the same time
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