ITA Premium: SAN Vendor Landscape: Mid-Range Level SANs

Info-Tech Research Group
February 18, 2009
17 Pages - SKU: TR2109724
Many mid-range arrays are smaller cousins to those for large enterprises, offering enterprise storage area network functionality at capacities and price ranges more amenable to small to mid-sized enterprises (starting in the $30,000 to $60,000 range).

This vendor landscape covers products from:
  • Compellent (Storage Center)
  • Dell (Dell/EMC CX Series)
  • EMC (CLARiiON and Celerra series)
  • Hitachi Data Storage (AMS 2000, USP V/VM)
  • HP (EVA)
  • IBM (DS 4000/5000/6000, XIV)
  • NetApp (FAS, V Series)
  • Sun Microsystems (Modular Disks)
  • Xiotech (Emprise)
This note also discusses the small to mid-sized enterprise sweet spot for these kinds of solutions, that of mid-sized to larger enterprises with robust storage needs and (often) previous experience and investment in network storage. Leaders recognized in this category of storage include EMC, HP, NetApp, and Xiotech.

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