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TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd. is a ground breaking technology advisory and research firm with comprehensive international coverage. They focus sharply on emerging tech trends that can direct the makeup of the market.

TechNavio identifies the trends by applying a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods in its proprietary research practices. They build breakdowns throughout market segments and geographies based on the trends seen. These breakdowns and analyses are applied to assist their customers in identifying fresh and already existing opportunities in their markets. TechNavio also assists clients in analyzing their competitive position in a volatile market environment.

Decision makers and leaders in sales, marketing, and R&D teams depend on research from TechNavio. Their clients include end users, consulting companies, technology suppliers, investment firms, and research institutes.

TechNavio was started in 2003 in London. They have around 200 analysts internationally and cover over 500 technologies spanning 80 countries worldwide. Their analysts are carefully watching the market every single day by connecting to all the industry players. TechNavio owns proprietary databases that give them a complete overview of the market and they develop more than 2000 pieces of research deliverables every single day.
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6791 Reports from TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd.

  • Global Flex Fuel Engine Market 2016-2020

    ...engines in vehicles with approximately 70% market share, while in the US, there is a higher market share for full-size vehicles. However, apart from Brazil and the US, there is a very low penetration of ... Read More

  • Global Polyolefin Market 2017-2021

    ...polypropylene (PP) are the two most widely used polyolefins in the world. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global polyolefins market to grow at a CAGR of 7.48% during the period 2017-2021. Covered in this report The ... Read More

  • Global Automotive Sunroof Market 2017-2021

    ...wind. They can be operated manually or can be driven by motors. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and styles. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global automotive sunroof market to grow at a CAGR of ... Read More

  • Global Biodegradable Polymers Market 2017-2021

    ...(GHG) emission and pollution. Mature markets such as Europe and North America are also growing steadily. High consumer preference for sustainability and government legislations such as the ban on traditional non-degradable plastic bags are increasing ... Read More

  • Global CFD Market in Automotive Industry 2017-2021

    ...used across industries such as the aerospace and defense, automotive, electrical and electronics, and industrial machinery. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global CFD market in the automotive industry to grow at a CAGR of 9.76% during ... Read More

  • Global Automotive Adaptive Emergency Brake Lights Market 2017-2021

    ...of the brake lights indicates to the car behind that the emergency brakes are being activated. The brake lights are automatically activated to flash several times with different illuminating levels when the vehicle undergoes an ... Read More

  • Rail Freight Transportation Market in North America 2017-2021

    ...go beyond logistics and provide value-added services such as loading and unloading, documentation services, and packaging. They also provide strategic and operational services to many shippers worldwide. Freight service providers are improving logistics services by ... Read More

  • Global Multiple Myeloma Drugs Market 2017-2021

    ...overproduction of monoclonal immunoglobulins such as IgG, IgA, IgD, or IgE; or Bence-Jones protein. Under normal conditions, stem cells develop into B lymphocytes, mature in the lymph nodes, and are transported throughout the body. On ... Read More

  • Global Digital Asset Management Market 2017-2021

    ...all formats, PDFs, video files, podcasts, word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. DAM involves management tasks and decisions concerning the receipt, cataloging, storage, retrieval, and distribution of digital assets. DAM software solutions help enterprises to manage ... Read More

  • Global Mass Transit Security Market 2017-2021

    ...Road, rail, air, and sea transportation systems are designed for easy accessibility and convenience of travelers. Due to the growing number of crime and terror attacks on mass transit systems, governments have taken qualitative measures ... Read More

  • Global Automotive Differential Market 2016-2020 an increasing demand for AWD from emerging countries such as China, India, Brazil, and South Korea. The emerging countries are estimated to have the highest growth rate in these regions, contributing to the growth ... Read More

  • Global Air Conditioning Market 2017-2021

    ...witnessing innovations in fields like compressor technology, coolers, filters, and drying agents. These technological advancements are aimed at enhancing performance and reducing energy costs. Air conditioning systems are approaching the standard equipment status in developing ... Read More

  • Global Child Care Management Software Market 2017-2021

    ...such as attendance records, parents’ contact information database, children’s health data management, and scheduled appointments and classes. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global child care management software market to grow at a CAGR of 10.2% during ... Read More

  • Global Specialty Silica Market 2017-2021

    ...commonly found in nature in the form of quartz. Silicon dioxide is typically procured by mining and refinement of quartz. Silica-based products can be categorized into four major types, namely, precipitated silica, colloidal silica, fumed ... Read More

  • Global DM In Electrical and Electronics Market 2017-2021

    ...of the manufacturing process starting from product definition to manufacturing. It creates digital models of tools, assembly lines, work centers, plant layout, and resources. DM provides simulation, visualization, analytics, and collaboration to develop and manufacture ... Read More

  • Global Mosquito Repellent Market 2017-2021 at a global level. With the globalization of different brands and increasing media coverage, consumers are becoming more aware and are adopting these products. Thus, there are signs of opportunities being created in the ... Read More

  • Global Cancer Monoclonal Antibodies Market 2017-2021

    ...with excellent efficacy and minimal side effects. Their MOA, absence of generic pathway, and therapeutic applications distinguish them from other targeted therapeutics. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global cancer monoclonal antibodies market to grow at a ... Read More

  • Global Aerospace Fasteners Market 2017-2021

    ...and associated aftermarket services. The aerospace industry employs a wide range of fasteners such as bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, and pins. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global aerospace fasteners market to grow at a CAGR of ... Read More

  • Global Unsaturated Polyester Resins Market 2017-2021

    ...capable of being recovered from a liquid or solid state. This type of resin is mostly used in the marine industry for manufacturing yachts and workboats. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global UPR market to grow ... Read More

  • Global Automatic Baby Swing Market 2017-2021

    ...the problem of taking babies on lap, as they help keep the babies calm and occupied because of their natural swinging features. These swings are available in different varieties depending on the weight and age ... Read More

  • Global Electric Vehicle Motor Market 2017-2021

    ...mainly consists of two parts: a rotor and a stator. The motors can be categorized into direct current (DC) motor and alternating current (AC) motor based on the type of electricity used by the motor. ... Read More

  • Global Steam Cleaner Market 2017-2021 clean garments. Different types of steam cleaners are available and are adopted depending on the surface to be cleaned. Due to developments in technology and improvements in the efficiency of these steam cleaners, the ... Read More

  • Global Cider Market 2017-2021

    ...are most suited for cider production. The alcohol content in cider varies from 1.2% ABV to 8.5% or more in traditional English ciders and 3.5% to 12% in continental ciders. Cider is more popular in ... Read More

  • Global Automotive Powertrain Sensors Market 2017-2021

    ...during the forecast period due to product extensions and innovations. Many international players are expected to grow organically during the forecast period by expanding customer base and creating a differentiated product. Technavio’s analysts forecast the ... Read More

  • Global Pumps Market for Oil and Gas Industry 2016-2020

    ...directly impacting the demand for pumps from the industry, especially through depressed upstream investments in the current scenario of low crude oil prices. The current state of the pumps market in the oil and gas ... Read More

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