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TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd. is a ground breaking technology advisory and research firm with comprehensive international coverage. They focus sharply on emerging tech trends that can direct the makeup of the market.

TechNavio identifies the trends by applying a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods in its proprietary research practices. They build breakdowns throughout market segments and geographies based on the trends seen. These breakdowns and analyses are applied to assist their customers in identifying fresh and already existing opportunities in their markets. TechNavio also assists clients in analyzing their competitive position in a volatile market environment.

Decision makers and leaders in sales, marketing, and R&D teams depend on research from TechNavio. Their clients include end users, consulting companies, technology suppliers, investment firms, and research institutes.

TechNavio was started in 2003 in London. They have around 200 analysts internationally and cover over 500 technologies spanning 80 countries worldwide. Their analysts are carefully watching the market every single day by connecting to all the industry players. TechNavio owns proprietary databases that give them a complete overview of the market and they develop more than 2000 pieces of research deliverables every single day.
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7004 Reports from TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd.

  • Blood Bank Refrigerators Market in the US 2017-2021 the US, which is home to the fastest growing elderly population. This might escalate the number of chronic and age-related diseases, necessitating an increase in blood transfusion as a part of treatment. This has ... Read More

  • Global Security Information and Event Management Market 2017-2021

    ...audit records and audit trials) and event data in real time to identity potential threats and provide event correlation and incident response. The data is collected from security and network devices, systems, and applications. The ... Read More

  • Global Cloud-based PBX Market 2017-2021

    ...a computer or any other hardware. Cloud technology has become popular among consumers with the introduction of programs such as MobileMe and iCloud. These are consumer-based cloud computing technologies. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global cloud ... Read More

  • Global Lawful Interception Market 2017-2021

    ...criminal activities. Lawful interception is applicable for all networks delivering voice, data, and Internet services. It simplifies the investigation process by collecting evidence for better inspection. It is mandatory for network operators to provide lawful ... Read More

  • Global RTD Infant Milk Market 2017-2021

    ...cow’s milk. However, the primary protein in breast milk is whey protein; hence many RTD infant milk formulas are predominantly altered to contain whey protein. Despite altering the milk formula with whey, milk formula differs ... Read More

  • Global After Sunburn Care Products Market 2017-2021

    ...into three: sun protection, after-sun, and self-tanning products. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global after sunburn care products market to grow at a CAGR of 10.16% during the period 2017-2021. Covered in this report The report ... Read More

  • Global Carbon Capture and Storage Market 2017-2021 fossil fuel-dependent industries such as power generation and oil and gas processing. The basic functioning of the CCS technology includes capturing the CO₂ before its release into the atmosphere and then transporting and storing ... Read More

  • Global Egg Tray Market 2017-2021

    ...trays are mainly used by poultry farmers or wholesalers to transport eggs in bulk for retailers. The size of egg trays carrying eggs may vary depending on factors such as distance and the type of ... Read More

  • Global IR Emitter and Receiver Market 2017-2021

    ...emits light in the IR spectrum while an IR receiver is a device that detects and decodes the light emitted from the IR emitter. IR emitters and receivers are used in IR sensors, which find ... Read More

  • Global Contract Cleaning Services Market 2017-2021 institutions, and educational institutions. Growing dual-income families due to increasing women education and employment contribute to the growth of the market in terms of residential end-users. Increasing use of automated cleaning techniques have driven ... Read More

  • Global Mobility Scooters Market 2017-2021

    ...medical conditions. Traditionally used mobility aids include manual and powered wheelchairs, rehab chairs, and rollators. Mobility scooters are primarily battery powered and come in 3-wheel or 4-wheel layouts. New generation mobility scooters are now also ... Read More

  • Global Foodservice Gloves Market 2017-2021

    ...some of the market players such as Omni International and Emerald Latex Gloves Company provide vinyl gloves, which have anti-microbial property. This helps reduce the risk of cross contamination in food items in commercial kitchens. ... Read More

  • Global Internet of Things Security Market 2017-2021

    ...further connected to the user’s mobile devices. The interconnection of embedded hardware devices, communication services, software, and IT services makes the operations of IoT devices efficient. It helps in remote monitoring and management of numerous ... Read More

  • Global Automotive NVH Materials Market 2017-2021

    ...may be caused by the engine, road, brakes, exhaust system, cooling fans, and external wind noise. Automotive NVH materials perform either acoustic absorption or acoustic insulation functions to absorb the noise and prevent it from ... Read More

  • Global Homogenizers Market 2017-2021

    ...this equipment. It requires regular maintenance, as poor maintenance can cause inconsistent homogenization pressure. The apparatus mainly consists of a gearbox, frame pump, and pressure gauge. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global homogenizers market to grow ... Read More

  • Global Supercomputer Market 2017-2021

    ...and business. It is a computing device that is designed for speed rather than for cost-efficiency. The TOP500 List is the benchmark that is attributed to the best and the most high-performing systems in the ... Read More

  • Global Drilling Bits Market in Oil and Gas 2017-2021

    ...mainly used in drilling operations for oil or gas wells either onshore or offshore. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global drilling bits market in oil and gas to grow at a CAGR of 4.75% during the ... Read More

  • Global Luggage Market 2017-2021

    ...growing popularity of outdoor sports and adventure travel, apart from a rise in the global travel industry. The market is expected to witness growing demand for durable luggage products that are also compact and lightweight. ... Read More

  • Global Immunodiagnostics Market 2017-2021

    ...integrated immunochemistry analyzers. The increasing volume of tests conducted due to rise in laboratory consolidation has driven the trend of automated analyzers globally. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global immunodiagnostics market to grow at a CAGR ... Read More

  • Global Industrial Robotics Services Market 2017-2021

    ...application. Major demand will increase from companies in sectors such as automotive, electrical and electronics, chemicals, food and beverages (F&B), and industrial machinery. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global industrial robotics services market to grow at ... Read More

  • Global Wireless Chargers Market 2017-2021

    ...device without any wired electrical power connection. A wireless charger is a part of the wireless charging system. Charging batteries without the cables ensures convenience, safety, and longevity of the products. A wireless charging system ... Read More

  • Global Myasthenia Gravis Drugs Market 2017-2021

    ...disease. However, the anticipated approval of novel drugs such as monoclonal antibodies should help market witness strong growth during the forecast period. For instance, Alexion Pharmaceuticals is currently developing a monoclonal antibody, Soliris, for the ... Read More

  • Global Genomics Biomarkers Market 2017-2021

    ...can be used for measuring the expression, function, and regulation of a gene. These biomarkers have characteristics of one or more deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and/or ribonucleic acid (RNA). Technavio’s analysts forecast the global genomics biomarkers ... Read More

  • Global Student Information System Market 2017-2021 they will not incur high fixed cost, and they can conveniently blend traditional and online learning. Moreover, these software modules can be used via mobile devices, allowing uninterrupted information access to users. As the ... Read More

  • Global Video Surveillance as a Service Market 2017-2021 provide enhanced security. It is used by retail stores, government departments, hospitals, transportation and logistics companies, and law enforcement agencies to prevent criminal activities. Integration of the video surveillance solutions gives a centralized method ... Read More

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