Best Practices: Mobile Work Force Management Solution, Enel Style (Table of Contents)

Best Practices: Mobile Work Force Management Solution, Enel Style

February 14, 2010
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Table of Contents
Energy Insights Opinion

In This Report
IDC Energy Insights Case Studies Series
Why this Case Study?
Situation Overview
Company Overview
Project Approach
Background and Objectives
How Does It Work?
Project Description
Rugged Notebooks
Vehicle Equipment
Mobile Applications
Customer Meter Management
AMR Concentrator Management
Telecontrol Equipment (RTU) Management
Low Voltage Fault Management
Medium Voltage Fault Management
Job Management
General Activity Framework and Diaries
Field Force Management Solution
Asset Management
Vehicle Localization
Task Assignment
Business Value
Lessons Learned
Future Outlook
Next Steps
Essential Guidance
Project Impact Assessment
Actions to Consider
Learn More
Related Research
Figure: The Standard Daily Work of Field Engineers
Figure: Vehicle's "Mobile Offices" Setup Scheme
Figure: Mobile Applications
Figure: Reduction of Back Office Work – Example of Hours Accounting
Figure: Enel WFM Project Impact Assessment