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CCTV Based Remote Biometric & Behavioral Suspect Detection: Technologies & Global Markets - 2011-2016

161 Pages Homeland Security Research Corporation February 01, 2011 SKU: HSRC6331125

Emerging CCTV Biometric market, $3.2 billion by 2016

In an attempt to mitigate crime and terror, the global installed base of more than 45 million CCTV surveillance systems has been experiencing dramatic growth throughout the last decade. The current decade will be marked by the fusion of CCTV with Biometrics, and human behavioral signatures, which will create a new multibillion premium security market of CCTV-Based Remote Biometric & Behavioral Suspect Detection. This family of technologies results from the need to remove the bottlenecks of current CCTV and people screening systems, the inability to provide reliable real-time alarm when suspects are viewed by the CCTV camera and the staggering cost of security officers, required to operate 24/7 CCTV workstations. This fusion of technologies brings significant growth opportunities to CCTV, biometric and IT systems manufacturers, security systems integrators and entrepreneurs. This new market (including systems sales, upgrades and post warranty service) is forecasted to reach $3.2 billion by 2016, growing at a CAGR of 33%.

HSRC’s latest report, CCTV Based Remote Biometric & Behavioral Suspect Detection: Technologies & Global Markets - 2011-2016, presents in 161 pages with 104 tables and figures detailing analysis and the forecasting of 96 sub-markets. The report presents current and pipeline technologies, products, 78 vendors, SWOT and competitive analysis of the market.

Profit from in-depth analysis and forecasts of the following sub-markets:
  • Systems sales and service, upgrades & refurbishing segments
  • Government funded programs and projects
  • Key countries’ market (e.g., USA, UK, India, China, Saudi Arabia)
  • Technology segments (e.g., Walk-by systems, Remote biometric identification systems, Passive remote behavior detection & tracking systems, Stimuli triggered remote behavioral surveillance, Video content analysis (VCA) based systems)
  • End-user market (e.g., transportation, perimeter & border security, force protection, safe city, critical infrastructure)

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CCTV Based Remote Biometric & Behavioral Suspect Detection: Technologies & ...

Homeland Security Research Corporation
February 01, 2011

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