QR and Other Mobile Barcodes: The Data Speaks

February 22, 2012
54 Pages - SKU: DGPT3805477
As interest in QR and other mobile barcodes has grown, so has the base of data on the use of these codes by consumers. But the information is scattered. Updated at different rates. It is not organized in a way that you can easily make comparisons, let alone find it in the first place.

Really, someone should take all of the available data and put it into a single, comprehensive report. So that's what I did.

I didn't create this data, but I compiled it from the variety of data available from the industry. It comes from companies processing QR and other mobile barcodes, those processing mobile payments, and individual companies like MGH (an ad agency) and Google. The data covers the following topics:
  • Growth and adoption of mobile barcodes
  • Demographics of QR code scanners, including age, income, education level, and household income
  • Repeat scanning and new users
  • Motivation for scanning QR codes
  • Scanned media
This 54-page report combines the available data and organizes it by category so you can get a quick overview of the landscape and compare data to get a more comprehensive picture.



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