Targeting Emerging Consumer Segments – The Cautious Consumer

Targeting Emerging Consumer Segments – The Cautious Consumer

December 17, 2009
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The recessionary environment is encouraging consumer segments to emerge and develop. Cautious consumers are now looking to shield themselves from future loss through making the correct financial decisions today. FS providers must therefore understand what these consumers want and how their Cautious status may influence their behavior.

  • Using data from our global FSCI survey this report profiles the attitudes and behaviors of the emerging Cautious consumer segment.
  • The report identifies these consumers and analyses the drivers of their future behavior.
  • The report provides concrete actions for FS providers to position themselves competitively in order to capture a share of the Cautious wallet.

Limiting exposure to loss is the chief concern of the Cautious consumer segment. Cautious consumers are always looking to reduce their downside on future financial transactions and are willing to spend time, money and effort in achieving this goal.

Older generations may be more resilient to changes in their finances, having a harder time altering lifelong habits. It could be this greater inflexibility that explains the higher representation of Cautious consumers among the younger demographics.

Through attracting young Cautious consumers with high earning potential and developed financial intelligence, advisors can effectively build a relationship that may last a lifetime.

Reasons to Purchase
  • Access the results of Datamonitor's Global FS Consumer Insight survey in order to profile this key emerging Cautious segment.
  • Identify what drives Cautious consumer action and predict their future behaviors.
  • Identify the opportunities Cautious consumers represent and advise strategies you can take to effectively gain share of the Cautious wallet.

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