Emerging Markets Prove to be a Growing Opportunity for Green IT (Analyst Opinion)

Emerging Markets Prove to be a Growing Opportunity for Green IT (Analyst Opinion)

December 17, 2009
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In recent months, large enterprise technology vendors have announced a number of green IT deals with customers in emerging markets. Ovum believes these deals signal a growing trend in the green IT market.

  • Identifies and analyzes the significance of recent green IT deals with customers in emerging markets by large enterprise technology vendors.
  • Explains the motivation for organizations to choose green technologies in the current economic climate, both in emerging and established markets.

Green IT, such as energy-efficient servers and storage, and datacenter virtualization technologies, continue to be adopted in established markets. Yet these recent deals in emerging markets signal a growing opportunity for green IT vendors.

Ovum believes markets such as South America, Eastern Europe and parts of Asia will become increasingly important to the green IT market.

Several factors are driving demand for green IT in certain emerging markets. Green IT remains a key business issue for mature markets.

Reasons to Purchase
  • Offers an insight into the motivation behind organizations' purchase of green technology during the current economic climate.
  • Identifies specific emerging markets that Ovum believes will become increasingly significant to the green IT market.

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