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The global food pet market will reach $56 million in 2015, according to a Global Industry Analyst report. Patterns vary internationally with cultural norms and economic conditions, but general trends toward lower birthrates, smaller families, and growing middle-class populations have revolutionized the attitudes and spending patterns of pet owners, especially in the pet food category.

By type of pet, pet food is generally classified into dog food, cat food, and other pet food. Dog and cat foods can be subdivided into dry packaged, wet/moist (usually in cans, but also in pouches), treats (which are increasingly functional or in positioning, rather than simply indulgent), and frozen/refrigerated (often with a focus on superpremium quality and product freshness).

Dog and cat foods, which account for the bulk of the pet food market, are also positioned among one of more of the several categories. These include active/outdoors, functional, gourmet, lifestage, natural/organic, premium, weight control and size/breed.’s extensive collection of research studies on the pet food market will provide the competitive analysis and perspectives you need geographically (global, regional, or national), by type of pet, by type or class of pet food and treats, and by key manufacturing and retailing issues such as ingredient and formulation trends, packaging innovation, and online retailing.

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Pet Food Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Pet Products in Venezuela of products, while prices also rose significantly. Not even pharmaceutical companies were given a foreign currency allocation, hence there being a shortage of pet healthcare products, a situation which greatly concerned both the pharmaceutical ... Read More

  • Dog Food in Peru

    ...will be mainly due to the large number of pet dogs moving from home-made food, leaving room for higher penetration and supported by advertising campaigns from the main producers. Euromonitor International's Dog Food in Peru ... Read More

  • Dog Food in Venezuela

    ...shortages of major raw materials and inputs. Although the majority of dry dog food products are locally manufactured, some imported raw materials are required for domestic production. The restrictions and delays on the allocation of ... Read More

  • Cat Food in the Netherlands

    ...value growth. With average unit prices in cat food set to increase in 2016 by a similar amount to the previous year, the weaker performance in cat food is entirely attributable to lower volume sales. ... Read More

  • Other Pet Food in the Netherlands

    ...million by the end of the year. The reason for the stronger value growth is the expected return to higher volume sales in 2016, after progressive annual volume declines over the review period. The better ... Read More

  • Cat Food in Brazil improve cat health and wellbeing has seen many consumers move to prepared food. This trend is likely to continue despite the economic crisis in the country. Consumers who have adopted economy dry cat food ... Read More

  • Pet Care in Brazil

    ...has deterred some owners from moving from food scraps to prepared pet food and changed the dynamics of economy, mid-priced and premium brands. Euromonitor International's Pet Care in Brazil report offers a comprehensive guide to ... Read More

  • Pet Care in the Netherlands

    ...the weaker development of volume sales, which recorded only marginal gains as a result of the stagnating population trend in the two most important types of pets in the country. While the dog population in ... Read More

  • Dog Food in Brazil

    ...their pets, especially in this premium niche. Farmina has launched a natural range while Premier released products with ancient grains, a low glycaemic index and Korin organic poultry. These players aim to promote additional benefits ... Read More

  • Dog Food in the Netherlands

    ...the weaker growth trend compared to the 2011-2016 period is to be found in the stagnating population figures: between 2015 and 2016 the pet dog population in the Netherlands is expected to remain stable at ... Read More

  • Other Pet Food in Brazil

    ...bird food and small mammal food. An increasing amount of bird food is available in a compressed format, through brands like Barritas (Zootekna Pesquisa e Nutrição Animal Eireli). Barritas offers compressed seeds in a lollipop ... Read More

  • Pet Care in France

    ...and negatively affected overall volume sales across dog food. This performance contrasted with the positive value growth recorded in the category in 2015, which suggests a shift towards upgraded products with higher unit prices compared ... Read More

  • Pet Products in France

    ...regular contact with their owners and neighbours. For this reason, the health and wellbeing of pets and preventing parasites and diseases is becoming an increasingly essential factor in pet ownership as the relationships between pets ... Read More

  • Cat Food in France

    ...idea of keeping cats as pets fits better with modern consumer preferences. Smaller apartments and rising urbanisation are favouring cats over larger pet animals even though they do not interact with their owners as dogs ... Read More

  • Dog Food in France

    ...most severe drops in volume sales of dog food of the past decade being recorded in 2014 and 2015, dog food remains the most sizeable pet food category in France in volume terms, accounting for ... Read More

  • Other Pet Food in France

    ...numbers of birds, fish and small mammals being kept drove down value and volume sales of other pet food. This trend was in line with the prevailing trends seen in the category throughout the review ... Read More

  • Pet Care in Ireland

    ...confidence and spending continues to increase as the Irish economy also grows. There is a large number of consumers who invest in premium pet food products, particularly dog owners who want the best for their ... Read More

  • Other Pet Food in Ireland

    ...remains the contributing factor to the decline in sales. Although Ireland is in a better position financially, having an exotic pet remains a frivolous and unnecessary cost for most. Euromonitor International's Other Pet Food in ... Read More

  • Pet Products in Ireland

    ...the economic recovery means some consumers spend more on their pets. However, value remains essential with discounting prevalent across pet products. Euromonitor International's Pet Products in Ireland report offers a comprehensive guide to the size ... Read More

  • Cat Food in Ireland

    ...have sales of €47.5 million as unit prices continue to rise. While the cat population is expected to increase again in 2016, volume sales are expected to see a marginal decline overall as mid-priced wet ... Read More

  • Dog Food in Ireland

    ...opposite ends of economy and premium with both recording strong performances. The demand for these products means that, as was the trend in the review period, mid-priced dog food is expected to struggle. Euromonitor International's ... Read More

  • Pet Food Market Trends in China

    ...manufacturing capabilities and rising consumer consumptions in China have transformed China’s society and economy. China is one of the world’s major producers for industrial and consumer products. Far outpacing other economies in the world, China ... Read More

  • Cat Food in New Zealand

    ...way to indulge their cats and mimic snacking in humans. Cat treats is expected to experience buoyant growth in 2016. In particular, industry sources indicate that the increasing popularity of pet treats within supermarkets has ... Read More

  • Dog Food in the US

    ...formulas will continue to drive growth, as will freeze-dried or dehydrated raw foods that dog owners associate with the “ancestral” diet of their pet. Consumer preferences for minimally-processed foods will also help dog food with ... Read More

  • Other Pet Food in the US

    ...the June release of Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory, the long-awaited sequel to the highly successful 2003 film Finding Nemo. This animated film – which tells the story of a talking group of tropical fish – ... Read More

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