What’s News?: Verizon Wireless Interfaces Push to Talk with Land Mobile Radio

Compass Intelligence
September 1, 2009
6 Pages - SKU: COIN2432353
This aDRD (Announcement-based Data-Rich Deliverable) is part of the Public Safety and Business Wireless subscriptions. This 6-page announcement discusses Verizon Wireless’ recent announcement regarding the launch of their interconnect solutions between LMR systems (LMR handsets, two-way radios, and mobile or base stations) with Verizon’s PTT network. The new solution is geared towards helping LMR systems by reducing expansion costs, radio network capacity management, providing back-up, and providing intuitive management tools. Compass Intelligence defines public safety as a subset of state and local government, which includes law enforcement (includes corrections), Fire, EMT, and other related-offices as it pertains to keeping the public safe and secure. Note, there is some overlap between some homeland security and public safety IT spending. The Expert Guide for this report is Stephanie Atkinson.

Additional Information

Sources: Compass Intelligence’s segment and market forecasts, which include business expenditures, market demographics, and usage and adoption statistics are built using multiple sources, including proprietary Compass Intelligence research. These sources include, but are not limited to, secondary research, government data and statistics (e.g. Department of Commerce, Federal Communication Commission, Bureau of Labor Statistics and US Census Bureau), primary research, vendor-based research and in-depth interviews with key decision-makers, where relevant. Compass Intelligence selects data sources to provide greatest degree of perspective on each market or segment, in addition to the highest level of data accuracy, stability, and consistency over time.

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