US Federal Government Information Technology Expenditures By Civilian Department, 2010-2015

Compass Intelligence
July 27, 2011
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This Excel-based Data-rich Deliverable (DRD) that is part of the Government subscription includes market intelligence on IT expenditures for Federal Government By Civilian Department. Compass Intelligence defines information technology as business IT expenditures consisting of investments on services, equipment, applications and personnel to develop, manage and support a firm's IT infrastructure and communications. This market consists of six categories: computer hardware, applications, network hardware, telecom, IT personnel and outsourcing & 3rd party services. Compass Intelligence defines government as all establishments of the federal government, state governments, and local governments, which include county, municipal, township, school district, and special district governments. Three criteria are used to distinguish independent governmental organizations from each other: they must exist as an organized entity, possess a governmental character, such as having a high degree of responsibility to the public or the ability to levy taxes, and have substantial autonomy, including fiscal and administrative independence. Federal includes all civilian and defense agencies, departments, organizations, and offices of the US federal government. The Expert Guide for this deliverable is Stephanie Atkinson. Forecasts are from 2010 through 2015 and include annual growth rates, as well as percentage of total market.

Additional Information

Sources: Compass Intelligences segment and market forecasts, which include business expenditures, market demographics, and usage and adoption statistics are built using multiple sources, including proprietary Compass Intelligence research. These sources include, but are not limited to, secondary research, government data and statistics (e.g. Department of Commerce, Federal Communication Commission, Bureau of Labor Statistics and US Census Bureau), primary research, vendor-based research and in-depth interviews with key decision-makers, where relevant. Compass Intelligence selects data sources to provide greatest degree of perspective on each market or segment, in addition to the highest level of data accuracy, stability, and consistency over time.

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