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CME (Continuing Medical Education) Effectiveness: Improving Physician Performance

19 Pages CE Outcomes February 01, 2011 SKU: CEOC6454739

Over the past thirty-five years, a number of systematic reviews have been conducted to determine the effects of continuing medical education (CME) on improving clinical care and patient health. These reviews have analyzed how effective CME is over varying formats, such as live, print, and online activities. Even though effective CME formats have been identified, the use of the less effective formats continues to be common. The purpose of this study is to review recent Level 5 performance data from a series of over 200 assessments of the effects of CME conducted by CE Outcomes, LLC, and to provide this data in the context of the CME effectiveness literature to decision makers who design and support CME.

CE Outcomes, LLC is a company dedicated to independent, objective, and scientific assessments of the impact of continuing healthcare education on healthcare professionals and their patients. It is inherent in our mission to provide data for CME professionals, CME participants, and supporters of CME on what works most effectively in CME to enhance physician performance and patient health outcomes. The purpose of this study is to aggregate and analyze data from 223 independent evaluations of CME conducted by CE Outcomes, LLC between 2008 and 2010.

Of the CME activities evaluated, most demonstrated positive educational effects among clinicians participating in CME activities, compared to matched non-participant control groups. The study includes format comparisons and highlights which formats had the largest educational effects. The study includes comparisons of credit versus non-credit activities and also reports effectiveness by clinical area.

The overall positive educational effect of the evaluated activities emphasizes the effectiveness of CME in facilitating and reinforcing evidence-based choices of clinicians. The CME usage patterns of clinicians are changing and will continue to be influenced by technology and maintenance of certification requirements. The study provides specific recommendations for supporting and designing effective CME programs.

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CME (Continuing Medical Education) Effectiveness: Improving Physician Perfo...

CE Outcomes
February 01, 2011

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