Flow Cytometry: Products, Technologies and Global Markets

BCC Research
October 1, 2013
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Flow Cytometry: Products, Technologies and Global Markets

This report will provide:

An overview of the flow cytometry market

Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2012, estimates for 2013, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2018

Breakdowns of the flow cytometry market into segments such as instruments, reagents, software, services, technologies, applications, and end users Discussions of how constraints such as increased equipment costs are hindering market growth Comprehensive company profiles of major players.

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BCC Research measures and segments the flow cytometry market on the basis of instruments, reagents, software, services, technologies, applications and end users. Key instruments discussed in the report include analyzers, cell sorters, detectors, measuring systems, amplification systems, immunocytometry products, fluidics and optical systems. The market for reagents includes conjugated antibodies, dyes, beads and other consumables. Other markets covered in the report are the related software market, chemistry kits and the flow cytometry services market.


Increasing research and commercialization in various fields of the life sciences, such as proteomics, genomics, pharmacogenomics and stem cell research, have resulted in increased demand for high-throughput technologies such as flow cytometry. The introduction of multicolor flow cytometers with multiple lasers capable of simultaneously detecting up to 18 cell parameters is also having a strong impact on the growth of the market. However, several constraints, such as the high cost of the equipment, are hindering market growth. This report aims to present the issues that are driving and constraining market growth, as well as probable solutions that can address these concerns. The report also highlights key needs of the market such as the importance of reducing the size and cost of flow cytometry equipment. The market forecast of the key market segments will enable the reader to quantitatively assess the flow cytometry market.


The key objective of the report is to offer a comprehensive analysis of the changing dynamics within the flow cytometry market and the relevant business impact thereof. The report provides intensive analysis with respect to top innovations, key market players and opportunities. Market forecasting forms a very key element of this report, which aims to assist industry participants in making key business decisions. Detailed market segmentation on several different levels provides comprehensive market intelligence. The report also aims to shed light on novel opportunities that can enhance market share for companies involved in flow cytometry.


The key audience for this study includes:

R&D directors, CEOs and marketing managers of flow cytometry and allied technology manufacturers and service providers.


Research centers.

Consulting firms.

The study will enable the audience to understand the changing market scenario and acceptance levels of the technology. The life sciences industry will utilize the data to understand the benefits and restraints of flow cytometry technologies in working toward greater market penetration.


New product introductions that have been launched since 2010 are covered. Due to the timing of the writing of this report, the figures for 2013 are estimated except where actual results have been reported.

The key content of the report highlights:

Key market analysis.

Strategic recommendations.

Market dynamics.

Market estimation for the forecast period of 2010 through 2018.

Competitive developments.

Profiles of key market players.



Both primary and secondary research methodologies were used in preparing this study. Because there is a chain of markets involved in the report, the markets have been assessed via the top-down method. The macro markets have been analyzed and qualitative information was taken into consideration in forecasting the market values of the segments. The historic and base numbers were derived from both primary and secondary sources. These numbers were further distributed to the micro segments and were effectively validated by market players and secondary sources. The other contents of the report were derived from primary research, which included key market participants, key opinion leaders and research institutes. Secondary data was gathered from paid sources, such as Factiva, and OneSource and other free sources such as SEC filings and company websites.

Market figures are based on revenues at the manufacturers’ level. The base year for analysis and projection is 2013. Trends are assessed based on a number of parameters, including projected sales for existing products, new product introductions and expanded indications for existing products.

This report also includes overviews and forecasts the market for flow cytometry by product, company and geographic region through 2018. The global market is analyzed and data are provided for each segment.

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