Metals & Mining Industry in Russia

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February 1, 2013
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Metals & Mining Industry in Russia

Russia remains one of the world’s largest mineral producers, accounting for 20% of nickel and cobalt production, 5-7 % of coal and iron ore production, and also a large share of the output of some non-ferrous and rare earth metals, platinum group metals, diamonds, apatite and potassium salts. Russia also contains important reserves of nickel, gold, silver, platinum group metals and diamonds.

To date, approximately 20,000 mineral deposits have been explored, of which more than one-third are currently being mined or developed. While these deposits account for only five per cent of the country’s explored mineral resources, they contain over 70 percent of Russia’s total natural reserves. Raw metals and aluminum comprise the largest share of Russian exports (65 per cent).

While this vast resource base has obvious appeal, for many years there was debate about the business stability in Russia’s mining sector. Investors and potential resource developers worried about the absence of clear business rules, the reliability of partners and return on investment. Some companies undoubtedly had their fingers burned, but today the Russian Government and industry are attempting to create a more stable climate to support growth in sales, investment and employment. There are significant opportunities for mining, exploration and investment companies, although obviously some care is required.

The mining industry is strategically important and is one of the most important industries in the Russian economy. Besides ongoing modernization in the existing mining and refining companies that are active in the mineral sector, a comprehensive effort is currently taking place to prospect for new mineral deposits.

The latest report from Aruvian's R'search –Metals and Mining Industry in Russia brings you an entire coverage of the metals and mining industry in Russia. The report covers the major players in these sectors, the recent regulatory changes and how they are affecting the mining industry in Russia, the investment scenario in the industry, and much more. The economics of mining, metal reserves, production of metals and minerals, production techniques, refining techniques, and a lot more technical data is also researched to satisfaction of any investor/researcher looking in to this particular sector.

The report provides a definition of the Russian Mining Industry with a tabulation of its segments and the overall market overview with the economic contribution of this important industry. The major industry growth drivers and the challenges to growth which are placing a question mark on the future growth speed of this industry are enumerated in the report. The report also indicates the trends running currently in the market and the future projection for growth analysis of the industry.

The report profiles in detail the major players in the industry along with their financial analysis and company strategies. A future perspective of the Russian Metals & Mining Industry completes the report.

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