Global Biofuels Industry

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May 1, 2014
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Global Biofuels Industry

Although biofuels are mainly used to replace or supplement the traditional petroleum-based transportation fuels, they can also be deployed to generate heat and electricity. Being an alternative to fossils, biofuels can be applied to existing vehicles with little or no engine modification. Although they release CO2 when burned in internal combustion engines, they differ from fossil fuels partly because their use reduces the net emission of carbon dioxide and other gases associated with global climate change and partly because they are biodegradable.

Biofuels have had a long history of use in the transport sector. This began in the 1970s and early 1980s when a substantial increase in biofuels production and use in many countries resulted from high oil prices. But biofuels became less competitive vis-à-vis fossil fuels after the collapse of oil prices in the mid-1980s, and global interest in biofuels for transport waned considerably in the 1990s and the first years of the 21st century.

The recent sustained increase in international oil prices has once again highlighted the potential for biofuels to contribute to transport fuel demand, particularly in countries that import the bulk of fossil fuel supplies. Global concerns about the effects of fossil fuel use on the environment, as well as recognition of the benefits of energy supply diversification also support increasing biofuels production and use.

There is a lot happening in the field of biofuels, and to capture these, Aruvian's R’search brings you the complete guide to the Global Biofuels Industry. The economics of biofuels, issues facing the industry, regulatory barriers as well as incentives, technologies involved, major types of biofuels, and many other topics are discussed in depth in this report.

The report explores the near-term and longer-term global prospects for biofuels for transport, focusing mainly on the development of new markets. The Brazilian model for development of a national biofuels market is highlighted in a case study, as well as the perspective from other countries. The report also explores the elements of a national strategy on biofuels, and addresses not just the biofuels for transport angle - as critically important as that is - but also the socio-economic/sustainable development component which involves, among other matters, rural community development, environmental impacts, income generation, and the hard/foreign currency potential.

Finally, the report seeks to clarify the opportunities for international cooperation to expand biofuels production and use on a cost-effective, environmentally sustainable basis. Summing up we analyze nearly 45 major players in the global biofuels industry through an overview, analysis of businesses, financial analysis and a SWOT analysis.

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