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  • Hi-tech Goods in the United Kingdom

    ... key export markets, and the US-China trade war. Both consumer and business confidence ratings were at 6-year lows in 2019, with a further downwards trajectory likely if the exit from the EU continues to be ... Read More

  • Austria Information Technology Q1 2021

    ... confidence and unlocks higher levels of investment and consumption. There will also bemomentum provided by the experience of the pandemic on firms, which has accelerated digital transformation initiatives andgenerated demand for operational resilience that will ... Read More

  • Hi-tech Goods in Spain

    ... internal and foreign automotive markets showed only modest results. Based on data from the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Cars and Trucks, automotive production in Spain remained at the same level as the previous year ... Read More

  • Iceland: In-depth PEST Insights

    ... trend analysis. Synopsis Understand the political system in Iceland through analysis of key figures in the country and governance indicators. Understand the economic situation in Iceland through a balanced assessment of core macroeconomic issues. Understand ... Read More

  • The Netherlands: In-depth PEST Insights

    ... to support trend analysis. Synopsis Understand the political system in The Netherlands through analysis of key figures in the country and governance indicators. Understand the economic situation in The Netherlands through a balanced assessment of ... Read More

  • Technology Habits of Generation Z - UK - September 2019

    ... media platforms and messaging apps dominate smartphone use, while gaming is extremely popular across all devices. With creativity and expressing identity priorities for Gen Zers, brands must look beyond traditional advertising and towards more engaged, ... Read More

  • The Next Big Things: Placing Bets on Emerging Topics for IDC European Research In 2020

    ... impact on technology domains and industries. It highlights what the IDC European analyst community expects to be the six "next big things" characterizing the technology landscape in the coming years, and it briefly describes the ... Read More

  • Digital Trends Quarterly - UK - July 2019

    ... to be influencing people’s purchase choices. These are people whose living, in many cases, is dependent on amassing enough views, likes and followers to make money from advertising and make them attractive marketing spokespeople for ... Read More

  • Digital Trends Quarterly - UK - March 2019

    ... a land grab by those who are quickest to market with the best devices. The likes of Samsung won't dominate it by default on the basis of their existing smartphone credentials: if the user experience ... Read More

  • Media Consumption Habits - UK - September 2017

    ... be able to find them the most suitable new content amongst their vast libraries. Successfully helping people discover new content that they enjoy will boost loyalty and the value that a user assigns to one ... Read More

  • Teens' and Tweens' Technology Usage - UK - July 2016

    ... ways that is at the heart of their interest in social media. New social media features, from livestreaming to creating short music videos, are being introduced in the hope of similarly capturing the attention and ... Read More

  • Baby Boomers and Technology - UK - August 2015

    ... consultations and high quality customer service throughout the purchasing journey stand the best chance of reaching this group." - Paul Davies, Senior Leisure & Technology Analyst This report covers the following areas: Ownership of consumer ... Read More

  • CHILDWISE - Connected Kids 2015

    ... online eco-system which did not exist in the early ‘90s. It is now easier than ever to access information, as well as share content with peers. Mobile technology has not only made communication more convenient, ... Read More

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