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  • In-Car Entertainment in Australia

    ... not been significantly impacting sales in the category, despite the falling consumer confidence. Demand will be minimally impacted by COVID-19, with sales already declining prior to the arrival of the pandemic in the country in ... Read More

  • Australia Artificial Intelligence Business Opportunities and Outlook (2016-2025) in Automotive Industry - Databook Series

    ... (AI) in automotive industry. This is a data centric report, primarily consisting of charts and tables. This report covers spending forecast from 2016—2025 by applications across automotive industry’s value chain, AI technology domains, and technology. ... Read More

  • Australian Digital Tech Disruptors 2017

    ... industries such as automotive car sharing, fintech, business intelligence and analytics, logistics, customer experience testing, and project management. They share key commonalities of serving as innovative, digital disruptors in their respective markets—changing traditional business models ... Read More

  • Australian Intelligent Mobility Market—Trends, Technologies, and Opportunities, 2016–2025

    ... market. The study focuses on various developments in these segments including their current and future revenue analysis. The study contains an executive summary section, as well as one for research scope and methodology. It presents ... Read More

  • Car Radios in Australia

    ... demand for automotive radios and loudspeakers. Data for the car, bus, LVC (pickup truck and van) and heavy truck markets are consolidated. The market research report covers OEM demand for Australia from 2011 to 2018. Read More

  • Smart Transport, Smart Cars - Australia

    ... transport systems technologies use dedicated short-range communications to transfer data over short distances between in-vehicle mobile radio units and roadside units that is, fixed point-to-point services. Arrangements to facilitate the use of intelligent transport systems ... Read More

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