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  • Greece Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... face significant downside risks. Declining assets over the short term could leave thebanking sector vulnerable, particularly in light of persistently high non-performing loans exposures and weak interest revenues. Highunemployment rates are also a major hindrance, ... Read More

  • Denmark Insurance Q4 2018

    ... a result, the product offering in all sectors is comprehensive anddistribution channels are extensive, giving consumers excellent access to a range of covers. The growth outlook for this marketremains bright, despite already high rates of ... Read More

  • Sweden Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... platform in the Nordic region. The sector is expanding at a robust clip, thoughwe expect this to ease in the coming years in line with cooling GDP growth. Regulatory oversight has been overhauled over recentyears ... Read More

  • Greece Insurance Q4 2018

    ... and insurance affordability of many Greek households. Nevertheless,a recovery in economic growth and consumer spending, which we expect to peak in 2018, will drive growth in a number of lines inthe short term. In particular, ... Read More

  • Italy Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... - as a result. After a period of decline and uncertainty, the banking sector is now on a more stablefooting, though high exposure to government debt and the burden of non-performing loans still pose risks. ... Read More

  • Austria Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... management companies and competitive insurance providers. The banking sector hasstabilised over recent years, having reduced exposure bad debts, and while growth in the domestic market is slow, access to fastergrowing regional markets should boost prospects. Read More

  • Germany Insurance Q4 2018

    ... world, while penetration, in terms of premiums to GDP, is about3% in both markets. Despite this high level of maturity, the medium-term outlook for the Germany insurance industry remainsfavourable from a premiums-growth perspective. Stability in ... Read More

  • Lithuania Insurance Q4 2018

    ... a hindrance to the insurance industry in the past, as has alack of awareness of the benefits of insurance cover. Both trends are now shifting, however, as solid domestic economic growthmeans that household income rates ... Read More

  • France Insurance Q4 2018

    ... a lid on the growth potential of both thelife and non-life segments, both segments should retain their attractiveness to investors, as all segments are expected to experiencemodest growth during the forecast period. The development of ... Read More

  • Romania Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... in terms of industry value, we expect to see average year-on-year growth of around 9.% between theyears of 2018 and 2022. This has largely been driven by the robust expectations for the country's economic growth ... Read More

  • Luxembourg Insurance Q4 2018

    ... solutions. Luxembourg benefits from a robustregulatory environment and a large pool of financial services workers. The prowess of the financial services sector and strong tradelinks will drive the non-life insurance segment, whereas favorable demographics and ... Read More

  • Latvia Insurance Q4 2018

    ... offers a small total consumer base where mosthouseholds still fall into the lower income brackets and carriers also have to contend with limited awareness of the benefits ofinsurance cover, particularly in terms of cover falling ... Read More

  • Slovenia Banking & Financial Services Q4 2018

    ... of decline. A favourable macroeconomic backdrop should spur robust growth across thefinancial services industry, albeit from a low base in the non-banking sectors. There remains potential for greater foreignparticipation given the positive economic outlook and ... Read More

  • Consumer Lending

    ... SLM (better known as Sallie Mae), along with Provident Financial and Tesco Personal Finance (both based in the UK) and Orient Corporation (Japan). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand is driven by consumer income and demographics. The profitability ... Read More

  • Payments Landscape in Norway: Opportunities and Risks to 2022

    ... It provides values and volumes for a number of key performance indicators in the industry, including credit transfers, direct debit, cash, payment cards, and cheques during the review-period (2014-18e). The report also analyzes various payment ... Read More

  • Country Economic Forecasts - France

    ... This reflects both a drop-off in exceptional items such as aircraft sales and the impact of higher taxes and inflation on consumer purchasing power. Business sentiment and industrial production have fallen sharply, reflecting concerns about ... Read More

  • Mobile Financial Services Market Opportunities for Telcos in Europe

    ... services (MFS) market in Europe. It delivers qualitative insights into the mobile market, analyzing key trends and growth drivers in the region. MFS adoption has accelerated in Europe in light of device, technology, and security ... Read More

  • Country Economic Forecasts - Greece

    ... controls in late 2018 or early 2019. We continue to see a run of solid growth, as GDP catches up with potential, so we still forecast growth of 2% this year and 1.8% in 2019. Read More

  • Bulgaria Insurance Q4 2018

    ... in turn will boost demand for a range ofinsurance covers. Greater household spending power also bodes well for the nascent life insurance sector, as more potentialcustomers realise the benefits of long-term savings, investments and protection ... Read More

  • PESTLE Insights: Macroeconomic Outlook Report - Czech Republic

    ... and utilities contributed 32.1% to the gross value added (GVA) in 2017, followed by Financial intermediation, real estate and business activities (19.3%) and Wholesale, retail and hotels (13%). In nominal terms, the three sectors are ... Read More

  • PESTLE Insights: Czech Republic - Macroeconomic Outlook Report

    ... manufacturing and utilities contributed 32.1% to the gross value added (GVA) in 2017, followed by Financial intermediation, real estate and business activities (19.3%) and Wholesale, retail and hotels (13%). In nominal terms, the three sectors ... Read More

  • Romania Insurance Q4 2018

    ... outlook in both the non-lifeand smaller life insurance segments. Strong economic growth in the country, based on improving exports, greater foreigninvestment and an increase in private consumption, bodes well for the insurance sector, as household ... Read More

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina Insurance Q4 2018

    ... income rates anddampening demand for all but the most essential (and compulsory) insurance covers. The competitive landscape is still quitefragmented, and domestic carriers have limited access to capital. That being said, some regional providers are ... Read More

  • Country Economic Forecasts - Slovenia

    ... peaked in 2017. Prospects for Q3 remain favourable, despite a surprise plunge in consumer confidence in August, as labour market tightening continues and all-time highs in services and industrial capacity utilisation are expected to persist. ... Read More

  • Country Economic Forecasts - Ireland

    ... of the year. That said, familiar multinational-induced distortions continue to be evident in the data. But given the Q2 strength, we have upgraded our forecast for GDP growth in 2018 to 6% (from 5%) before ... Read More

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