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  • Robotics Market in Germany

    ... which makes it an invaluable resource for product managers, marketing people, consultants, analysts, and other people developing strategies or business plans and looking for key industry data in a readily accessible format. The data helps ... Read More

  • Germany Soft Robotics Market Forecast 2021-2026

    ... the use of industrial robots in Germany is three times that of Italy, ten times that of the UK, and five times that of France. MARKET INSIGHTS The rising automation in different industries is a ... Read More

  • EU5 Robotic Surgery Market Outlook to 2025 - Robotic Surgical System Disposables and Robotic Surgical Systems

    ... “EU5 Robotic Surgery Market Outlook to 2025” is a comprehensive databook report, covering key market data on the EU5 Robotic Surgery market. The databook report provides value (USD), volume (units) and average prices (USD) within ... Read More

  • Analysis of the US and EU5 Hospital Operating Room (OR) Products and Solutions Market, 2017

    ... (OR) into a technology-fueled, infection-free, and sleek surgical environment. A true smart hospital focuses on 3 major areas, namely, operational efficiency, clinical excellence, and patient-centricity, with technological advancements being leveraged to derive smart insights. For ... Read More

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