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  • Syria: In-depth PEST Insights

    ... trend analysis. Key Highlights The political landscape section discusses the evolution of the political scenario in Syria, as well as the country's economic, social, foreign, and defense policies. The section also discusses the country's performance ... Read More

  • Syria Defence and Security Report 2017

    ... the country does not maintain a significant domestic defenceindustry (and investment into the development of local military manufacturing capabilities is unlikely to beforthcoming amid the ongoing war), we expect the government to remain wholly reliant ... Read More

  • Lebanon and Syria Country Risk Report 2016

    ... to a lack of investment in transportation and energy infrastructure. Despite fears over the economy's gaping external asymmetries, a loyal depositor base in the domestic banking sector, combined with a massive arsenal of foreign exchange ... Read More

  • Syria Defence and Security Report 2015

    ... levels of instability - however, as a percentage of overall GDP, themilitary budget makes up a high 3.8% - reflecting the continued demand for funding of the regime'soffensives against rebel forces. As the country does ... Read More

  • Syria Defence and Security Report Q1 2015

    ... does not foresee any let up in the violencesoon. Our view is that while the anti-Islamic State coalition has made some strides, the long termeffectiveness of this coalition to bring stability to Syria seems rather ... Read More

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