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  • Packaging Industry in Switzerland

    ... the frequency of their shopping trips to avoid unnecessary face-to-face contact. Sales in bigger pack sizes have also benefitted from the rise of e-commerce, as has packaging in general. Multipacks have similarly benefitted, and both ... Read More

  • Beauty and Personal Care Packaging in Switzerland

    ... and mini-size items that slip into pockets are purses expanded throughout colour cosmetics and fragrances in particular, though were increasingly visible across most beauty and personal care categories as their use stretched far beyond holidays ... Read More

  • Home Care Packaging in Switzerland

    ... packaging. Volume sales remained stagnant in the year, with growth constrained by the growing popularity of concentrated products and a focus on waste reduction. Euromonitor International's Home Care Packaging in Switzerland report offers insight into ... Read More

  • Sweet Spreads Packaging in Switzerland

    ... image than others, with honey notably perceived by many as a healthy alternative to sugar. The sugar in honey is also seen as naturally occurring and thus healthier in comparison to the added sugar used ... Read More

  • Soft Drinks Packaging in Switzerland

    ... portion control and are tending to purchase soft drinks in smaller formats, enabling them to keep consuming their preferred soft drinks while reducing their daily sugar intake. Cola carbonates packaged in 500ml bottles are thus ... Read More

  • Hot Drinks Packaging in Switzerland

    ... to account for the vast majority of packaging sales in hot drinks retail packaging, with the former seeing a particularly strong performance. This was due to the benefits offered by folding cartons in conveying a ... Read More

  • Packaging Industry in Switzerland

    ... in highly recyclable materials such as glass, metal cans and PET bottles. This led to glass bottles and metal beverage cans being the predominant packaging type in alcoholic drinks. PET bottles and beverage cans were ... Read More

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