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  • Consumer Lifestyles in Ireland

    ... high household debt and obstacles such as rising house prices. Consumers in Dublin are those most likely to let their optimism boost their spending habits, with many of those in rural areas still struggling. Consumers’ ... Read More

  • Attitudes towards Advertising - Ireland - August 2016

    ... by mobile users frustrated by slow page load times, the impact that this has on their devices’ battery life and the cost in terms of data usage. This would help to improve the user experience ... Read More

  • Savings - Ireland - January 2016

    ... saving or add to existing savings. This is particularly true of RoI consumers, who felt the effects of the recession far more severely than their NI counterparts, but, equally, are feeling the effects of the ... Read More

  • Sponsorship - Ireland - December 2015

    ... with promising prospects for the years ahead. It has weathered the difficult years of the recent economic downturn, and looks set now for a period of sustained, if unremarkable, growth.’ – Brian O’Connor, Senior Consumer ... Read More