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  • Cuba Medical Devices Q1 2021

    ... to the country's gradual re-opening and cases imported from abroad,generally from Venezuela. The renewed restrictions on day-to-day activity and interprovincial travel in recent weeks, which haveparticularly impacted Havana, will result in weaker growth than we ... Read More

  • Cuba Medical Devices Report Q2 2018

    ... continue to rely on imports from mainly China, Europe and Japan. Despite collaborationon public healthcare matters, post embargo opportunities for US medical device companies will be difficult, as a full repeal ofsanctions will remain elusive. Read More

  • Cuba Medical Devices Report Q2 2016

    ... imports from mainlyEurope and China, and increasingly from Japan. US suppliers cannot compete due to the US tradeembargo, likely to remain in place until at least 2017, but opportunities will exist in a post-embargo era.Opportunities ... Read More

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