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  • Bolivia Mining Q4 2018

    ... steady value growth over the coming years, supported by improving metal prices.Nonetheless, the country's production forecasts will face downside risks as rising labour unrest and government intervention deterforeign investment and limit an already-weak project pipeline. Read More

  • Bolivia Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... reserves growth will limitproduction and export upside over the long term. Investment in domestic gas resources for local consumption in the residential,power and industrial sectors could tighten the fundamental picture at a more rapid rate. Read More

  • Chile Renewables Q4 2018

    ... as an attractive business environment and high level ofgovernment commitment to the expansion of renewable (and conventional) energy infrastructure. Successful power auctions havesignificantly boosted the project pipeline and a large volume of new capacity is ... Read More

  • Venezuela Power Q4 2018

    ... as Venezuela's reliance on hydropower (whichaccounts for around 70% of electricity generated in the country) leaves the network vulnerable to droughts. Transmission anddistribution equipment failure is also common after a long period of mismanagement and ... Read More

  • Colombia Power Q4 2018

    ... government’s plans to develop non-hydroelectric renewablepower sources and expand the national grid into areas with high potential for solar and wind-generated power will presentinvestment opportunities in the coming decade. While this offers an upside risk ... Read More

  • Brazil Petrochemicals Q3 2018

    ... the cancellation of the petrochemicals element of the Comperj mega-project will ensure that Brazil will see further increases in imports. The sector's decline is exacerbated by the corruption scandal thathas undermined confidence and the ability ... Read More

  • Brazil Renewables Q3 2018

    ... policy will continue to create opportunities for investors. Thecountry is well suited to a broad range of renewable energy sectors and, as has been demonstrated in recent power supply auctions,investor interest in Brazil is high. ... Read More

  • Bottled Water in Latin America

    ... of global bottled water volume and include two of the top 10 largest markets in the world - Mexico and Brazil. Although still water remains the most important category, there are plenty of latent opportunities ... Read More

  • Argentina Renewables Q3 2018

    ... in terms of power demand, natural resources and supportive policies - however - has to beweighed against heightened economic risks; the peso has depreciated heavily over the past few months despite the government'sefforts, which included ... Read More

  • Brazil Mining Q3 2018

    BMI View: Brazil's mining industry value will stagnate over the coming years, as a strong project pipeline and rising non-ferrousmetal prices struggle to offset declining iron ore prices. Read More

  • Brazil Petrochemicals Q3 2018

    ... petrochemicals element of the Comperj mega-project will ensure that Brazil will see further increases in imports. The sector's decline is exacerbated by the corruption scandal thathas undermined confidence and the ability of domestic petrochemicals producers, ... Read More

  • Chile Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... by limited prospects and a heavyreliance on energy imports. The Magallanes region will remain the focal point of hydrocarbon exploration and production activities,though achieving significant progress will be challenged by spending pullbacks among upstream firms. Read More

  • Latin America Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... accelerate in 2018 as private investors venture deeper into the region'soffshore and unconventional resources. NOC dominance will remain intact for the foreseeable future, benefiting oil and gasproduction at the expense of midstream and refining projects. Read More

  • Argentina Power Q3 2018

    ... delay further progress. With thesteep devaluation of the peso in 2018 expected to undermine private capital inflows and the overall business environment, thegovernment has already suspended the construction of the fourth reactor at the Atucha ... Read More

  • Latin America Power Q3 2018

    ... tenders for transmission projects. The sector will attract investment despite relatively elevated political risk due toelections in large countries, with non-hydropower renewables set to outpeform all other power-generating technologies in terms ofgrowth during the year. Read More

  • Brazil Vehicle Rental Market - Overview and Forecast (2018 - 2023)

    ... billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 4.54% during the forecast period. Increased concern and awareness of lower emissions have primarily led to the increase in vehicle rental options, where car rental and carpooling significantly ... Read More

  • Natural Resources in Latin America

    ... of economic growth, with agriculture and energy playing a central role in the economy. Population growth, middle class expansion and climate change have put immense pressure on these resources. There are opportunities for companies offering ... Read More

  • Argentina Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... O&G sector recover from years of underperformance. The core Neuquén shale province will continue in its growthtrajectory, while more peripheral shale formations will take longer to grow amid increased austerity on the part of developers. Read More

  • Brazil Infrastructure Q3 2018

    ... in 2018 driven by power sector investment, a recovery in the residentialsector and base effects from a four-year recession. Uncertainty surrounding the October 2018 election will weigh on nascentpositive momentum over the coming 12 months. Read More

  • Chile Mining Q3 2018

    ... growth in 2018 and the following years as rising copper prices improveprofit margins and encourage miners to invest in project development. Additionally, Chile's lithium sector will increasingly attractinvestment due to the country's low-cost brine deposits. Read More

  • Latin America Autos Q3 2018

    ... rising household spending underpinned by risingunemployment and improving borrowing conditions, will offset the negative growth rates expected in Mexico and Central Americawhich are dealing with higher interest and inflation rates as well as political uncertainty. Read More

  • Colombia Mining Q3 2018

    ... will drive mining industry value growth, as major miners ramp up output to gain seaborne marketshare over the coming years. However, declining thermal coal prices due to oversupply will curb growth in mining industry value. Read More

  • Peru Mining Q3 2018

    Peru Mining Q3 2018 BMI View: Peru's mining industry value will see robust growth over the coming years, driven by rising copper prices and a strongproject pipeline. Read More

  • Brazil Power Q3 2018

    ... next decade, thanks also to auctions and privatisations. Theseopportunities, however, have to be weighed against rising risks to policy continuity ahead of a general election in October 2018,with market-friendly candidates currently trailing in the polls. Read More

  • 2018 Argentina Wind Power Market Outlook to 2025- Planned Power Plants, Emerging Trends, Infrastructure, Investments, New Strategies and Competition

    ... to 2025” from OGAnalysis is a comprehensive report on Argentina Wind power markets, providing recent updates, installed capacity, power generation, regulations, companies and emerging trends in industry and investment. The Argentina Wind power report provides ... Read More

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