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  • Marketing to Men - UK - February 2017

    ... of those they are targeting. This paves the way for brands to take a different approach in their campaigns, such as featuring role models that tap into men’s strong belief in equality and family.” – ... Read More

  • Marketing to Women - UK - February 2017

    ... strong an aspiration for today’s young women as it once was. Brands could therefore benefit from meeting demands for strong, independent female role models that inspire confidence and empower women, but move away from less ... Read More

  • Lifestyles of Mums - UK - May 2016

    ... not always considered to be fun, making parents’ lives easier. Some of the best educational apps are free and could motivate kids to eat healthier, be more active, do better in school and help around ... Read More

  • Marketing to Men - UK - January 2016

    ... ad campaigns. There is now an opportunity for brands to change this, with brands using advertising to more fully identify with the average man, using regular-shaped models in their campaigns, as well as emphasising the ... Read More

  • Ethnicity-Specific Beauty in Europe ; Looking beyond Caucasian consumers on the continent

    ... solutions. Brands can no longer view consumers on the continent as a single homogenous group and must take into account their differing concerns and requirements to create a more inclusive offering. Key Findings Europeans today ... Read More

  • The Netherlands in 2030: The Future Demographic

    ... majority of this growth, although positive net migration will also be a significant driver. The sharpest growth will be amongst the older age groups, influenced by rising life expectancy. This will lead to a rise ... Read More

  • Marketing to Mums - UK - September 2015

    ... and acknowledge the changing realities of what it means to be a parent in modern Britain. Treating and addressing mothers as a homogenous group doesn't do justice to the complex lives and diversity of experiences ... Read More

  • Female Clients Segment Report 2014

    ... group and their attitudes and preferences when it comes to their finances. We also detail their wealth management needs, and what they want and don’t want from a service provider. This report would be very ... Read More