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  • Fresh Food in Thailand

    ... food in the foodservice channel. The pandemic also led to a sharp increase in the rate of unemployment, which weighed on consumer confidence. Demand was particularly weak for fresh foods that are mainly eaten by ... Read More

  • Health and Wellness in Thailand

    ... and horeca outlets in Thailand, as well as the implementation of a nationwide curfew. As such, there was a noticeable shift towards retail channels such as supermarkets, convenience stores, and other grocery retailers. This shift ... Read More

  • Pulses in Thailand

    ... during 2020, with retail volume sales declining for the first time in seven years due to the economic impact of COVID-19. Pulses are mainly consumer by affluent consumers, who tend to be more concerned with ... Read More

  • Meat in Thailand

    ... were due to the disruption caused by COVID-19, particularly to tourism. Total volume sales of premium meats, especially beef and veal, were particularly weak, due to the economic impact of the pandemic. On the other ... Read More

  • Nuts in Thailand

    ... as the much smaller foodservice and institutional channels. The economic shock of COVID-19 was the main driver of this. Nuts are mainly used as a cooking ingredient in Thailand and not generally consumed as a ... Read More

  • Fortified/Functional Beverages in Thailand

    ... by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic which motivated consumers to look after their health. 2020 saw a greater interest in fortified/functional beverages that are perceived as a convenient way for consumers to boost the ... Read More

  • Fish and Seafood in Thailand

    ... decline in international visitor numbers during 2020. While the government tried to compensate for this by incentivising domestic tourism, foodservice volume sales of fish and seafood plunged by more than a third during the year. ... Read More

  • Free From in Thailand

    ... free from, cafés and coffee shops are key contributors of sales as many outlets offer products containing free from dairy milk. Furthermore, bakery shops have more recently begun to expand their offerings to include special ... Read More

  • Sugar and Sweeteners in Thailand

    ... outweighed by a slump in demand from the foodservice and institutional channels arising from a significant decline in international tourism and the closure of schools for an extended period due to COVID-19. Conversely, retail demand ... Read More

  • Fruits in Thailand

    ... was outweighed by a surge in retail demand, particularly for such local fruits as rambutan, mango, longan, mangosteen and golden pineapple. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the government has been encouraging local consumers to ... Read More

  • Vegetables in Thailand

    ... morning glory, bamboo shoots, cabbage, climbing wattle, Chinese cabbage, Chinese kale, and spring onion are essential ingredients in many Thai dishes, and these products remained readily available, due to part to closer coordination between farmers, ... Read More

  • Organic Packaged Food in Thailand

    ... many consumers find organic packaged food products appealing as they are produced more naturally and without the use of harsh chemicals or fertilisers in the growing process. The supply of organic packaged food, however, is ... Read More

  • Organic Beverages in Thailand

    ... to organic beverages, which means that the consumer base for this category remained small and niche in 2020, although retail current value sales continued to grow at a steady rate even through the disruption of ... Read More

  • Naturally Healthy Beverages in Thailand

    ... consumers to focus their spending on more natural products and drinks. This had a negative impact on NH fruit/vegetable juice in 2020 due to a growing demand for fresh juices, with many consumers turning to ... Read More

  • Naturally Healthy Packaged Food in Thailand

    ... in 2020 as Thai authorities sought to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the country. During the period of national lockdown, Thai foodservice businesses had to close their dining rooms to consumers and could only ... Read More

  • Better For You Beverages in Thailand

    ... the increased focus on healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, in Thailand, to support strong growth in better for you beverages. Several categories containing beverages have been urged to innovate and develop healthier formulae for beverages ... Read More

  • Better For You Packaged Food in Thailand

    ... a slight drop in retail current value and retail volume sales. As such, even though the category recorded declining sales in 2020, consumers are becoming more cautious about their health and wellness following the threat ... Read More

  • Eggs in Thailand

    ... particularly foodservice demand due to school closures and a decline in international visitor numbers, this was more than outweighed by increased retail volume sales. The pandemic led consumers to stock up on eggs amid fears ... Read More

  • Fortified/Functional Packaged Food in Thailand

    ... has been intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic which, for many consumers, has highlighted the importance of a healthy body and immune system. Consumers’ interest in fortified/functional packaged food products increased in 2020, and demand for ... Read More

  • Starchy Roots in Thailand

    ... be more robust than foodservice, as the latter was badly affected by a decline in international tourism. Retail demand was supported by the fact that local consumers ate out less frequently as a result of ... Read More

  • Fine Wines/Champagne and Spirits in Thailand

    ... the closure of Thailand’s borders to foreigners in response to the COVID-19 pandemic during 2020 had a huge negative impact on sales in the category. With high-spending foreigners unable to travel to Thailand for much ... Read More

  • Food Preparation Appliances in Thailand

    ... that have faced significant difficulties due to the COVID 19 pandemic, food preparation appliances actually benefited from the home seclusion and social distancing trends that were seen in the country during the year. In particular, ... Read More

  • Concentrates in Thailand

    ... among the factors supporting stronger demand for these products is the image that concentrates have for offering excellent value for money. This ensured that low-cost mainstream brands such as Hale’s Blue Boy, Ding Fong and ... Read More

  • Juice in Thailand

    ... dive over the course of the year as the quarantine lockdown made consumer foodservice establishments unavailable for an extended period and consumers remained reluctant to socialise outside of the home for much of the year. ... Read More

  • Carbonates in Thailand

    ... shutdown of the country’s entire hospitality industry removed the option for on-trade service. This left restaurants, cafés and other foodservice establishments with only takeaway and delivery services on offer. In addition to restaurants and cafés, ... Read More

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