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  • Desserts in Malaysia (2020) – Market Sizes

    ... Most products will contain sugar and/or sweeteners. Market value and volume comprises sales through all retail channels including direct to consumer. Market size for Desserts in Malaysia is given in MYR and tonne with a ... Read More

  • Ready Meals (inc pizza) in Malaysia (2020) – Market Sizes

    ... meals. Market sizes are based on sales through all retail outlets and direct to consumer. Market size for Ready Meals (inc pizza) in Malaysia is given in MYR and tonne with a minimum of five ... Read More

  • Fine Wines/Champagne and Spirits in Malaysia

    ... drinks specialist retailers (which represent the leading distribution channel) were forced to cease operations, due to their non-essential nature. So, outlets such as TMC and Denise Wine were closed. Furthermore, alcohol specialists located within major ... Read More

  • Organic Packaged Food in Malaysia

    ... higher earners who wish to provide their babies with high-quality and clean label nourishment. As this is a limited audience in the country, sales remained niche at the end of the review period, with even ... Read More

  • Fortified/Functional Packaged Food in Malaysia

    ... considered as essential foods for breakfast or snacks at home, enabling these products to record double-digit retail value growth rates in 2020. Euromonitor International's Fortified/Functional Packaged Food in Malaysia report tracks the developments of health-associated ... Read More

  • Free From in Malaysia

    ... are widely available at most grocery retailers and accepted by all consumers as an ingredient in many Far Eastern dishes. Euromonitor International's Free From in Malaysia report tracks the developments of health-associated product types and ... Read More

  • Naturally Healthy Packaged Food in Malaysia

    ... led to strong growth in consumption of naturally healthy packaged food, as many consumers regarded these products as beneficial to their health and as having high nutritional qualities. Euromonitor International's Naturally Healthy Packaged Food in ... Read More

  • Health and Wellness in Malaysia

    ... in most countries, prior to the health crisis and more consumers became aware of the importance of their consumption patterns in 2020, given the devasting impact of the virus. Euromonitor International's Health and Wellness in ... Read More

  • Better For You Packaged Food in Malaysia

    ... dairy. The increased risks of weight issues and obesity have been well reported during the epidemic and clearly resounded among more health-conscious Malays, leading to good growth for these products in 2020 at levels close ... Read More

  • Fortified/Functional Beverages in Malaysia

    ... sports halls for large periods during the lockdown measures. Consumption of most other products increased, however, in particular of FF liquid concentrates, FF fruit/vegetable juice and FF instant coffee. The first two areas benefited from ... Read More

  • Naturally Healthy Beverages in Malaysia

    ... pandemic. More consumers have become conscious of their food and drink intake and are opting for healthier products with a natural positioning as the virus rages on in many parts of the world. Euromonitor International's ... Read More

  • Milk in Malaysia (2020) – Market Sizes

    ... cultured milk. Market size is based on retail and non-retail sales. Market size for Milk in Malaysia is given in MYR and litre with a minimum of five years' historical data. Market Forecast is provided ... Read More

  • Cooking Sauces in Malaysia (2020) – Market Sizes

    ... Market value and volume comprises sales through all retail channels including direct to consumer. Market size for Cooking Sauces in Malaysia is given in MYR and tonne with a minimum of five years' historical data. ... Read More

  • Prepared Soup in Malaysia (2020) – Market Sizes

    ... than water. It includes instant soups and soup mixes but excludes noodles soups, stocks and gravies. Market size comprises sales through all retail channels including direct to consumer. Volume and value sales are based on ... Read More

  • Food Preparation Appliances in Malaysia

    ... cooking and baking at home due to greater exposure to television programmes and social media platforms which feature food. In line with this trend over the review period, demand for multifunctional appliances such as food ... Read More

  • Soft Drinks in Malaysia

    ... foodservice outlets have stayed open during the year, or only closed for a relatively short period of time (about a month), there have been restrictions that prevent dining in, and hence there has been a ... Read More

  • Asian Speciality Drinks in Malaysia

    ... fact that certain flavours of Asian speciality drinks (such as grass jelly) are popular due to their benefit of lowering body temperature because of their cooling effect, with consumers thus buying more the products given ... Read More

  • Bottled Water in Malaysia

    ... the Movement Control Order (MCO) was put in place from 18 March, there was a move to buying water in bulk quantities and in bigger packs. However, this was more relevant to still purified bottled ... Read More

  • Carbonates in Malaysia

    ... As consumers have rushed to buy products that are beneficial to their health, especially their immune system, eg juices and herbal teas, carbonates have been marginalised further. Moreover, with decreases in disposable incomes arising from ... Read More

  • Concentrates in Malaysia

    ... this group. Because juices and speciality teas are more expensive when bought in larger quantities, concentrates are deemed the easier, cheaper option. People have also been stocking up on liquid concentrates given their extended time ... Read More

  • Energy Drinks in Malaysia

    ... foodservice channel where outlets have been temporarily shut and had operating restrictions such as reduced opening hours and takeaway/delivery only, the energy drinks category has still attracted custom in retail. In Malaysia, energy drinks are ... Read More

  • Juice in Malaysia

    ... strengthened notably. The increase in purchases of juice in the off-trade is due to both COVID-19 and the health trend, which has been gathering momentum for the past two years. Since the outbreak of the ... Read More

  • Sports Drinks in Malaysia

    ... to buy products that are beneficial to their health such as juices and herbal teas, sports drinks has not benefited given that the category’s consumption is increasingly linked to being on the go or workouts/sporting ... Read More

  • RTD Coffee in Malaysia

    ... the large retail channel for RTD coffee, countering the huge fall in the on-trade, which only generates a very small percentage of total volumes. Euromonitor International's RTD Coffee in Malaysia report offers a comprehensive guide ... Read More

  • RTD Tea in Malaysia

    ... fresh tea or tea mixes, as well as buying RTD tea via retail to drink at home. To encourage on-trade consumption, some companies have taken interesting initiatives to market their products. For example, Fraser & ... Read More

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