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  • MEED Insights: Iraq Projects, H2 2018

    ... the Iraq market for anybody looking for new project opportunities in the Middle East. The reality however is that the country’s vast potential has been undermined for decades by war, insurrection and sanctions, leaving it ... Read More

  • MEED Insights: Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Projects Market Outlook 2019

    ... offering abundant opportunities as governments seek to develop infrastructure to meet the needs of rapidly expanding populations, and to deliver economic diversification. Since 2008, some $2.3tn of contracts have been awarded across the region, an ... Read More

  • MEED Insights: Iran Projects, H2 2018

    ... 10 percent of the world’s proven oil reserves and 15 percent of its gas reserves, and has the fifth biggest quantity of natural resources, valued in 2016 at an estimated $27.3 trillion. With about $331bn ... Read More

  • MEED Insights: Oman Projects, H2 2018

    ... contractors, consultants and investors across a range of industries. With about $177bn worth of projects planned or underway, the sultanate has a substantial pipeline of projects needed to support Muscat’s aims at diversification into logistics, ... Read More

  • MEED Insights: UAE Projects, H2 2018

    ... with a pipeline announced but unawarded projects of about $310bn. And thanks to its two economic engines of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the UAE is also one of the strongest and most resilient economies in ... Read More

  • MEED Insights: Saudi Arabia Projects, H2 2018

    ... the entire GCC projects market. Driven by rapid population growth and surging demand for all kinds of goods and services, ranging from consumer products, to electricity and healthcare services, to infrastructure, the kingdom’s projects sector ... Read More

  • MEED Insights: Kuwait Projects, H2 2018

    ... regional and international businesses. It is a high-income, asset-rich economy with oil reserves that can last about 100 years at present production rates and substantial gas assets. The government has practically no debt and official ... Read More

  • The Saudi Arabian Defense Industry - Industry Dynamics to 2020: Market Profile

    ... for the Saudi Arabian government and, despite the recent global financial crisis; the country has continued to allocate at least 8% of its GDP to defense procurement since 2004. Key Findings SDI's The Saudi Arabian ... Read More

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