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  • Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala SA in Alcoholic Drinks (Guatemala)

    ... new products, expanding its distribution network and increasing promotional support for its existing brands. In spirits, the company is expected to focus on introducing new flavoured products that appeal to key consumer groups such as ... Read More

  • Florida Ice & Farm Co SA in Alcoholic Drinks (Costa Rica)

    ... the largest manufacturer of RTDs in Costa Rica, which also distributes Diageo’s spirits brands and handles an extensive portfolio of imported wine brands. This retailing concept was created precisely to promote and expand the culture ... Read More

  • Grupo Pampa SA in Alcoholic Drinks (Costa Rica)

    ... wine after Florida Bebidas SA, handling an extensive portfolio of some of the bestselling wine brands from both the New World and the Old World. In addition, the company also focuses on the promotion of ... Read More

  • Perco SA in Beauty and Personal Care (Guatemala)

    ... network to have 13 retail stores open throughout Guatemala City. It is expected that Perco through its Fetiche retail brand will continue to record positive sales growth through the company’s constant advertising campaigns, its regular ... Read More

  • Colgate-Palmolive Guatemala in Beauty and Personal Care (Guatemala)

    ... customers continual innovations, product promotions and advertising campaigns. There are certain categories of vital importance to the company’s leading position, namely oral care, deodorants and bath and shower. The company’s presence in these areas is ... Read More

  • Kimberly-Clark Guatemala Ltda in Tissue and Hygiene (Guatemala)

    ... groups, offering different products for each segment. Its most important brands are Huggies in nappies/diapers/pants and wipes, Kleenex in facial tissues, Scott in retail tissue, Cottonelle in toilet paper, Plenitud and Poise in adult incontinence ... Read More

  • Alimentos Maravilla, SA in Soft Drinks (Guatemala)

    ... the company´s success as it is able to reach a large consumer base with its products. The company’s dynamism and ability to launch products that appeal to its large consumer base makes it one of ... Read More

  • Cooperativa de Productos de Leche Dos Pinos, RL in Soft Drinks (Costa Rica)

    ... use of strong brand awareness and distribution to continue introducing brand extensions. The company aims to remain the main dairy manufacturer in the region and to further leverage development as one of the main soft ... Read More

  • Florida Bebidas SA in Soft Drinks (Costa Rica)

    ... range from energy drinks and RTD teas to beer and spirits. The strong sales inertia of this competitor will continue to be based on its developed marketing skills and extensive distribution network, which covers most ... Read More

  • Grupo Café Britt SA in Hot Drinks (Costa Rica)

    ... extensions over the forecast period (especially in packaged foods). It will seek further development opportunities outside the region and consolidate its successful retail operations and brand presence at international airports throughout the Americas, allowing it ... Read More

  • Manza Té SA in Hot Drinks (Costa Rica)

    ... its presence in regional markets (including South America) where this player already found attractive export opportunities for its brand. Packaging innovations and additional functional herbal infusion launches are expected among this local player’s further development ... Read More

  • Colgate-Palmolive Centroamerica SA in Home Care (Guatemala)

    ... customers continual innovations, product promotions and advertising. The company’s presence in these areas is very strong with a wide product portfolio which enables it to maintain its leading position. Euromonitor International Local Company Profiles are ... Read More

  • Henkel Costa Rica Ltda in Home Care (Costa Rica)

    ... wider base of mid- and higher-end buyers over the forecast period in Costa Rica. This is especially the case in relation to liquid laundry detergents and liquid hand dishwashing, while maintaining its offer of more ... Read More

  • Henkel La Luz SA in Home Care (Guatemala)

    ... in 2003. Fábrica La Luz had operated in Guatemala for over 60 years and had good-quality home care brands that enjoyed a good reputation. Since the merger, the company has begun to internationalise its brands, ... Read More

  • Central de Alimentos, SA in Packaged Food (Guatemala)

    ... portfolio allows it to have a strong distribution chain and reach even the most remote independent small grocers in the country. It is also active in terms of new product launches and marketing campaigns. Euromonitor ... Read More

  • Industria Nacional Alimenticia, SA in Packaged Food (Guatemala)

    ... in the market; it has operated in the country since 1978. Over the forecast period the company is expected to strengthen its position in packaged food in Guatemala. New product development is likely to become ... Read More

  • Bayer Centroamérica y El Caribe in Consumer Health (Costa Rica)

    ... top-of-mind brands, which are set to remain major references in OTC categories, especially in analgesics, dermatologicals and digestive remedies. Manufacturing scales and highly developed distribution networks should provide the main recipe to target a broad ... Read More

  • GNC Costa Rica SA in Consumer Health (Costa Rica)

    ... period. The company aims to capitalise on the top-of-mind reference it has developed among a significant base of middle- and high-income consumers. It also intends to take advantage of the vast reach of its nationwide ... Read More

  • GNC Guatemala, SA in Consumer Health (Guatemala)

    ... in urban areas of the country, mainly in strategical places such as inside or nearby gymnasiums and shopping centres, which targets its key consumers more effectively. The company also invests in marketing campaigns year-round that ... Read More

  • Laboratorios Laprin SA in Consumer Health (Guatemala)

    ... portfolio through extensive marketing, promotion and advertising support. As of 2016, it sold its products in the region of Central America. Euromonitor International Local Company Profiles are a concise set of briefings detailing the strategic ... Read More

  • Bayer de Guatemala SA in Consumer Health (Guatemala)

    ... years, in the areas of pharmaceutical, agricultural and industrial products. It is an innovative player and continuously seeking to improve its existing products and remedies. The player is trusted by a wide consumer base in ... Read More

  • Meykos SA in Consumer Health (Guatemala)

    ... through which it holds good positioning among key consumers. Meykos is very dynamic and has continued to renew itself to keep up with current market conditions. In 2015, the company was purchased by a domestic ... Read More

  • Unisuper SA in Home Care (Guatemala)

    ... in the country. Since 2011, the company has focused on standardising its stores, in terms of size, product range and other characteristics, to clearly make a difference between its two brands. In the last two ... Read More

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