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  • Vietnam Food & Drink Q4 2019

    ... strong driven by expanding household numbers and the diversificationin diets will also support spending in categories of seafood, dairy and fresh and preserved foods. Meanwhile, though non-alcoholicdrink sales will grow at a slower pace compared ... Read More

  • Beer in Vietnam

    ... put pressure on players to maintain their prices in order to stimulate their sales. Second, the Vietnamese government increased its public campaigns to educate consumers on the negative impact of overconsumption of alcoholic drinks on ... Read More

  • Wine in Vietnam

    ... beer over wine, thanks to the more affordable price of beer. In addition, beer appears more suitable for drinking with Vietnamese cuisines than wine. As a result, wine remains a smaller category compared with beer. ... Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks in Vietnam

    ... In addition, the price of beer is more affordable compared with wine and spirits. As such, beer is popular amongst Vietnamese consumers with various incomes. Another advantage of beer is the fact that unlike wine ... Read More

  • Rtds in Vietnam

    ... to be insignificant in the country due to the low local consumer awareness of these products, as well as low demand from foreign consumers. The popularity and ubiquity of beer in the country tends to ... Read More

  • Spirits in Vietnam

    ... hardly noticeable. Towards the end of review period, only a few brands were available in the market, such as Baileys Irish Cream and Sheridan. These products are more popular amongst women, as they are sweeter ... Read More

  • Quarterly Beverage Tracker First Quarter 2019: Vietnam

    ... tool for keeping up-to-date with the latest industry performance and developments on a quarterly basis, covering: Top line consumption volumes for Q1-2019 vs Q1-2018, moving annual totals (MAT), full year 2018 provisional data and 2019 ... Read More

  • Naturally Healthy Beverages in Vietnam

    ... growth in current value sales. This trend also supported the continued recovery of NH RTD tea, which had suffered a sharp drop in demand in 2016 due to a series of product safety scandals. The ... Read More

  • Better For You Beverages in Vietnam

    ... Moreover, many people find BFY variants to have a less pleasant taste as compared to standard beverages. Acceptance of BFY beverages is particularly weak among younger consumers, who tend not to be overly concerned about ... Read More

  • Bottled Water in Vietnam

    ... the summer. In addition, there were various scandals related to the quality of food and drink at street vendors. Thus, consumers are more cautious about purchasing unbranded drink products. Moreover, the rising health and wellness ... Read More

  • Concentrates in Vietnam

    ... or in dessert recipes. Overall, Vietnamese consumers have a habit of drinking water on its own or tea and coffee on a daily basis. As such, there is limited room for liquid concentrates to develop ... Read More

  • Juice in Vietnam

    ... due to rising urbanisation and modern lifestyles, they had less time to prepare fresh juice for themselves. In juice products, juice drinks continued to account for the biggest share in term of total value sales ... Read More

  • RTD Coffee in Vietnam

    ... residential area, some consumers are therefore looking for RTD coffee for convenience and time-saving. Moreover, the rising number of convenience stores in urban areas in Vietnam is also supporting the development of RTD coffee because ... Read More

  • RTD Tea in Vietnam

    ... by food safety scandals. The category started to recover as key players in RTD tea used the right strategies to regain consumer trust as well as to stimulate consumer demand. For example, they obtained food ... Read More

  • Sports Drinks in Vietnam

    ... a regime of doing exercise more regularly. In addition, with the development of the internet, more Vietnamese consumers are able to find more information on how to improve the performance of their sporting or exercise ... Read More

  • Asian Speciality Drinks in Vietnam

    ... become more aware of their health, more female consumers are choosing Asian speciality drinks to help their skin to be fair and smooth. On the other hand, older consumers choose Asian speciality drinks to boost ... Read More

  • Carbonates in Vietnam

    ... a slowdown in growth due to various challenges. The most significant challenge that carbonates faces is consumers’ rising awareness of health and wellness. The more concerned consumers are, the greater the possibility that they will ... Read More

  • Energy Drinks in Vietnam

    ... consuming energy drinks. As a result, the majority of energy drinks players started to increase their levels of marketing and advertising activities to maintain consumer demand for energy drinks. One of the popular ways of ... Read More

  • Soft Drinks in Vietnam

    ... growth in 2018. However, sales of soft drinks are not consistent throughout the year. For example, the sales of soft drinks are particularly strong during the first quarter of the year, thanks to the Tet ... Read More

  • Other Hot Drinks in Vietnam

    ... popularity of ready-to-drink malt-based products. To provide convenience for consumers, besides the powder format Nestlé Vietnam Ltd also offered ready-to-drink Milo in cans and cartons. In 2018, the company constantly advertised its ready-to-drink Milo packaged ... Read More

  • Coffee in Vietnam

    ... stores and coffee street vendors, which offer convenience. The rising number of coffee stores and coffee street vendors slightly constrained the growth of coffee as such operations were plentiful in most neighbourhoods. Vietnamese consumers can ... Read More

  • Tea in Vietnam

    ... green tea products, which are perceived to offer health benefits. For example, with antioxidants, caffeine and polyphenols, green tea claims to improve brain function and physical performance, and increase fat burning. Green tea also claims ... Read More

  • Hot Drinks in Vietnam

    ... thanks largely to dynamic marketing activities and new product launches by leading players such as Trung Nguyen Corp and Nestlé Vietnam Ltd over the review period. Tea also registered a strong performance as more consumers ... Read More

  • Quarterly Beverage Tracker Fourth Quarter 2018: Vietnam

    ... industry performance and developments on a quarterly basis, covering: Top line consumption volumes for Q4-2018 vs Q4-2017, moving annual totals (MAT), full year 2018 provisional data and 2019 forecasts for all beverage categories. Carbonates consumption ... Read More

  • Sports Nutrition in Vietnam

    ... to a strong increase in the number of gyms in large cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, with fitness thus having become a lifestyle trend among younger generations. While in the past consumers aspired ... Read More

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