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  • Better For You Beverages in Australia

    ... beverages, reduced sugar cola recorded higher retail and volume growth compared to regular cola. However, sugar-free soft drinks are increasingly facing competition from other non-alcoholic drinks such as kombucha and carbonated bottled water. Euromonitor International's ... Read More

  • Naturally Healthy Beverages in Australia

    ... was particularly evident during the peak of Australia’s lockdown between April and May 2020 when many consumers stockpiled essentials. NH tea recorded stronger growth while NH RTD tea also continued its growth trend thanks to ... Read More

  • Other Hot Drinks in Asia Pacific

    ... year, including closures and supply chain problems, resulting in flat retail value growth. The best performer in 2020 was malt-based hot drinks, which was particularly dynamic in India, where it is often seen as a ... Read More

  • Australia Coffee and Tea Capsules Market: Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2021-2026

    ... to single-serve containers that have ingredients deposited in their filter. These capsules generally include coffee and tea, which are widely utilized in vending machines in both the commercial and domestic spaces. With the growing cafe ... Read More

  • Concentrates in Australia

    ... at home more and drinking more tap water as well as continuing health and wellness trends which motivate consumers to cut down on their sugar intake. All these factors were reinforced by the outbreak of ... Read More

  • Energy Drinks in Australia

    ... encouraged to work from home and students to engage in virtual learning, the morning Red Bull on the way to work or college suddenly became unnecessary. Sources indicate that most people have tended to use ... Read More

  • RTD Tea in Australia

    ... including restaurants and pubs, causing the loss of around half the yearly on-trade sales, off-trade sales of RTD tea continued to grow, accounting for increased purchases through the grocery retailers channel in 2020. The on-the-go ... Read More

  • RTD Coffee in Australia

    ... birth rate amongst Myanmar’s major cities. Mandalay and Naypyidaw are expected to lead in digital consumers and per capita consumer expenditure. Digitalisation and urbanisation of Myanmar’s cities is projected to increase over the 2020-2024 period, ... Read More

  • Carbonates in Australia

    ... single-digit sales growth compared to the previous year. COVID-19 strongly impacted the on-trade sector in Australia with the closure of forecourt retailers and convenience stores as well as bars, cafés and restaurants. There was also ... Read More

  • Soft Drinks in Australia

    ... the year. As the government imposed restrictions, Australians found themselves with fewer opportunities to consume soft drinks outside of their homes. Only a portion of the on-trade sales lost were a gain in the retail ... Read More

  • Bottled Water in Australia

    ... remained in decline in 2020. COVID-19 resulted in increased consumption of tap water in Australia as people stayed at home more in the year. The pandemic has also resulted in people becoming more indulgent as ... Read More

  • Sports Drinks in Australia

    ... through the peak of the pandemic there were decreased sales of sports drinks through gyms and sports clubs due to the lockdown in the country. However, these quickly recovered as restrictions were eased. They also ... Read More

  • Juice in Australia

    ... in their off-trade value sales in the year, with consumers continuing to appreciate the freshness of their products and the reduced sugar content. In early 2020, when the Australian fresh juice industry was suffering the ... Read More

  • Better For You Beverages in New Zealand

    ... late March to early May. This resulted in strong value sales growth through off-trade, however this was largely a transference of demand, as gains in off-trade sales were largely offset by on-trade declines. Trading restrictions ... Read More

  • Organic Beverages in New Zealand

    ... of the category was such that organic was the strongest-performing health and wellness beverages category in New Zealand in terms of value sales growth. However, the caveat to this is that it is still a ... Read More

  • Naturally Healthy Beverages in New Zealand

    ... leverage the concentration of demand that developed in the channel during the country-wide lockdown imposed due to COVID-19. Traditional demand drivers regarding demand for NH products were additionally amplified by growing consumer awareness for NH ... Read More

  • Fine Wines/Champagne and Spirits in Australia

    ... result of economic uncertainty due to the pandemic. However, with the country in full lockdown mode for six weeks from the end of March, alcohol consumption at home increased according to a study by The ... Read More

  • Stevia Market, by Extract Type (Liquid Extract (Clear, and Dark), Powder Extract (Stevia Blends, Glycoside (40-50%), and Glycoside (40-50%)), and Leaf), by Application (Dairy Food Products (Ice Cream, Yogurt, and Flavored Milk), Bakery Products (Bread & R

    ... (Bread & Rolls, Biscuits, Cakes, and Others), Dietary Supplements, Beverages (Energy Drinks, Soft Drinks, Hot Drinks, Flavored Drinks, Natural Sweetened Water), Packaged Food Products (Pickles, Jam, Sauce, Chilled, Nutritional Products, and Frozen Food), Confectionery Products, ... Read More

  • Carbonates in New Zealand

    ... late-March to early May. This resulted in stronger current value and volume growth through off-trade, although this trend was largely a transference of demand, as gains through the latter channel were largely offset by on-trade ... Read More

  • RTD Tea in New Zealand

    ... May. This resulted in stronger volume and current value growth through off-trade. However, limited on-the-go consumption opportunities and lost impulse purchases during the lockdown saw convenience stores, forecourt retailers and vending suffer significant volume sales ... Read More

  • Sports Drinks in New Zealand

    ... to a lack of sporting activities and the closure of gyms. In addition, the wider target audience of sports drinks linked to on-the-go consumption was also reduced, noted in the declining sales of this category ... Read More

  • Bottled Water in New Zealand

    ... volume terms. While the initial onset of COVID-19 brought about heightened levels of panic-buying through supermarkets, this appeared to level off relatively quickly, with sales through supermarkets exhibiting a double-digit percentage drop in sales through ... Read More

  • Soft Drinks in New Zealand

    ... panic-buying, with supermarkets and domestic supply chains struggling to keep up with demand. As such, many supermarkets imposed buying restrictions which helped to steady this surge. One of the more surprising developments from COVID-19 was ... Read More

  • Energy Drinks in New Zealand

    ... drinks, owing to all on-trade outlets having to completely close for four weeks, followed by limited reopening during the following four weeks. In addition, travel restrictions drastically reduced international tourism expenditure in New Zealand, resulting ... Read More

  • RTD Coffee in New Zealand

    ... the country, with supermarket sales up by more than 60% year on year in the lead-up to, and during, the national lockdown. RTD coffee players have gradually gained traction and improved their distribution through supermarkets ... Read More

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