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Switzerland Beverage Packaging

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  • Alcoholic Drinks Packaging in Switzerland

    ... continued growing in significance. This was especially the case for multipack packaging made from paper or carton, such as baskets, which continued being favoured over plastic packaging. Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging is expected to become ... Read More

  • Dairy Packaging in Switzerland

    ... to a growing number of 65-year-old-and-over consumers living alone or in couples. The ageing population and smaller household trends will continue to spur demand for small pack sizes, which also have the advantage of being ... Read More

  • Soft Drinks Packaging in Switzerland

    ... portion control and are tending to purchase soft drinks in smaller formats, enabling them to keep consuming their preferred soft drinks while reducing their daily sugar intake. Cola carbonates packaged in 500ml bottles are thus ... Read More

  • Hot Drinks Packaging in Switzerland

    ... to account for the vast majority of packaging sales in hot drinks retail packaging, with the former seeing a particularly strong performance. This was due to the benefits offered by folding cartons in conveying a ... Read More

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