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Region: South Korea
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South Korea Beverage Packaging

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  • Alcoholic Drinks Packaging in South Korea

    ... the course of the year, driven by the strong performance of wheat beer brands such as Hoegaarden which target female consumers. Growth is also supported by rising demand for beer in 500ml metal beverage cans ... Read More

  • Hot Drinks Packaging in South Korea

    ... coffee enjoyed double-digit growth over the past few years, while instant coffee in flexible packaging recorded considerably lower growth rates. The most popular package size of fresh coffee was 101-300g in 2017. The second largest ... Read More

  • Soft Drinks Packaging in South Korea

    ... 2017, while 301-500ml increased with greater consumption of still bottled water. The majority of juice consumption used to be in family-size packs in the past, while 101-300ml packs recorded the second highest sales for the ... Read More

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