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  • Kenya Tourism Report Q3 2017 tourist numbers,leading to reduced demand and a reduction of receipts. However, the future looks brighter. We areforecasting strong growth in visitor numbers, boosted by much tighter security and improved domestic andinternational travel infrastructure. Arrivals ... Read More

  • Travel and Tourism in Kenya to 2020 this, western countries such as France have issued warnings to their nationals against traveling to Kenya. Although the UK has lifted its warning against going to some areas of Kenya such as Mombasa, Canadean ... Read More

  • Travel in Kenya attributed to the increasing security threat which resulted in advisories being issued by tourist source markets. Many hotels in coastal areas experienced temporary closures due to these threats and this trend also resulted in ... Read More

  • Flows in Kenya

    ...arrivals in Kenya continued to face a significant volume decline of 12% in 2015. Escalating security issues and travel advisories from tourist source markets in Europe and America issuing concerns over travel to Kenya affected ... Read More

  • Airlines in Kenya

    ...low cost carriers continued to penetrate the African air transportation industry, particularly in East Africa. Low cost carriers also recorded the most dynamic growth in 2015 increasing by 6% in current value terms. Euromonitor International's ... Read More

  • Kenya Tourism Report Q2 2016

    ...than in previous years. From 2017, a gradual revival is expected. International tourism receipts are expected to pick up in conjunction with arrivals for the remainder of the forecast period to 2020. There are strong ... Read More

  • Transportation in Kenya

    ...Kenya and other African countries increasingly look to Eastern countries for growth. This led to Kenya signing code sharing agreements with several Eastern countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and China. Thus, while the number ... Read More

  • Tourism Flows Domestic in Kenya

    ...perceived to be acceptable politically. However, the message during the campaign period was one of peace, with Kenyans seeking to avoid any repeat of the infamous post-election violence of 2008. Most of the first half ... Read More

  • Tourism Flows Inbound in Kenya attack on Westgate Shopping Mall were 67 people were killed and subsequent attacks on churches in the popular coastal region. Most Western countries later issued travel advisories against visiting Kenya. Euromonitor International's Tourism Flows ... Read More

  • Tourism Flows Outbound in Kenya

    ...start of the year and then the threat of terrorism. Kenya Airways did not reduce ticket prices on all its routes, thus discouraging some outbound tourists who prefer to use the national airline. Euromonitor International's ... Read More

  • The Future of Airlines in Kenya to 2018: Market Profile

    ...2009–2013, along with forecast figures for 2013–2018 It covers key trends and barriers in the travel and tourism industry in Kenya It provides data on tourism demand factors and tourism market indicators for the travel ... Read More

  • Travel and Tourism in Kenya to 2018

    ...tourist spending patterns in Kenya for various categories in the travel and tourism sector, such as accommodation, sightseeing and entertainment, foodservice, transport, retail, travel intermediaries and others Detailed market classification across each category, with analysis ... Read More

  • Tourism : Kenya Tourism Report Q3 2014

    ...outlook for tourismarrivals in 2014. On May 4 2014, there were several bomb attacks in Kenya. There were explosions on two buses travellingon the outskirts of the capital Nairobi - leaving three people dead and ... Read More