Recent Multicultural Research for June 2021

Takaful Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2021-2026
Topics: Multicultural, General Insurance, Religion
Regions: Global
Translation & Interpretation Services in the US - Procurement Research Report
Topics: Business Outsourcing, Multicultural, Specialized Applications
Regions: United States
Transformative Mega Trends in the United States through 2030
Topics: Multicultural, General Education, Trends, Census, Asian American Market, Generation Y
Regions: United States
Healthcare Business Market Research Handbook 2021-2022
Topics: Children, Mature, Adults (18-55), Multicultural, Hospitals & Clinics, Women, Men, Alternative & Complementary Medicine, Services, Market Research, Social Networking
Global Cultural Tourism Market 2020-2024
Topics: Multicultural, Tourism
Regions: Global
Entertainment, Media & Advertising Market Research Handbook
Topics: Print Advertising, Advertising, Technology, Outdoor Advertising, Home Video & Video-on-Demand (VoD), Video Games, General Consumer Electronics, Multicultural, General Entertainment, Movies & Film, Music, Generation Y, Market Research, General Publishing, Newspapers & Magazines, Social Networking
Consumer Behavior 2021-2022
Topics: Multicultural, General Food, Consumer Behavior, Market Research, Consumer Goods, General Product Consumption, Electronics, Financial, Food & Beverage, E-Commerce & Online Retailing
Regions: United States
Local Vs Global: How Ingredient Trends Reflect Cultural Shifts
Topics: General Beverages, Multicultural, Ingredients, General Food
Regions: Global
How Companies Can Assess and Improve Their Diversity and Inclusion Performance
Topics: Multicultural, General Human Resources
Speech to Speech Translation Market - Growth, Trends, Forecast (2020 - 2025)
Topics: Call Centers, Multicultural, Internet of Things IoT, Application Software, Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Global Cultural Tourism Market 2020 by Company, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025
Topics: Multicultural, Leisure Travel, Tourism
Regions: Global
2019 Global Consumer Types: Who They Are and How They Shop
Topics: Multicultural, General Product Consumption
Regions: Global
The 8 Billion World
Topics: Multicultural, Census, Market Research
Regions: Global
Consumer Behavior: Pandemic & Post-Pandemic
Topics: Virtual Reality, Multicultural, COVID-19/Coronavirus, Fruits & Vegetables, General Food, Ready to Eat, Snack Foods, Consumer Behavior, Market Research, General Product Consumption, Food & Beverage, E-Commerce & Online Retailing
Why Population Insights Matter for Business Strategy
Topics: Multicultural, Trends, Census, General Product Consumption
Regions: Global
Library, Museums and Cultural Services in South Korea
Topics: Libraries & Information Centers, Multicultural, Museums
Regions: South Korea
Global Interpretation Services Market
Topics: General Business Services & Administration, Multicultural
Regions: Global
Machine Translation Market - Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2020 - 2025)
Topics: Multicultural, General Software & Services
Regions: Global
Global Migration and Population Diversity: Trends, Market Impact and Opportunity
Topics: Multicultural, Census
Regions: Global
Broadening the Conversation: Why Black Lives Matter.
Topics: Multicultural
The African-American and Hispanic Markets: Wealth, Banking, and Payment Trends
Topics: Marketing, Banking, Brokerages, Credit Cards, General Banking & Financial Services, Wealth Management, Multicultural, Electronic Payments, Mobile/Wireless, Banking & Financial Services, Hispanic Market, African American Market, Financial Services
American Lifestyles 2015: The Connected Consumer - Seeking Validation from the Online Collective - US - April 2015
Topics: General Cosmetics & Personal Care, Multicultural, Consumer Behavior, Consumer Goods, General Product Consumption, Food & Beverage, E-Commerce & Online Retailing
Regions: United States
Multicultural marketplaces: new territory for international marketing and cross-cultural consumer research
Topics: Marketing, Multicultural
Regions: Global
Cross-cultural and cross-national consumer research: Psychology, Behavior, and Beyond
Topics: Multicultural, Consumer Behavior
Family Dynamics of Hispanics - US - May 2015
Topics: Multicultural, Entertainment, Hispanic Market, General Product Consumption
Regions: United States
Protest With(out) Organisation
Topics: Multicultural
Auto-, duo- and collaborative- ethnographies
Topics: Multicultural
Who We Are: Asians
Topics: Multicultural, Asian American Market, General Product Consumption
Black Consumers' Content Consumption and Sharing - US - January 2018
Topics: Television, Multicultural, Technology, Entertainment, African American Market
Regions: United States
Relatedness & the ethics of writing organization
Topics: Multicultural
Library, Museums and Cultural Services in Mexico
Topics: Libraries & Information Centers, Multicultural, Museums
Regions: Mexico
2019 Translation and Interpretation Services Market Research Report
Topics: Multicultural
Regions: United States
2019 Research and Development in the Social Sciences and Humanities Market Research Report
Topics: Research & Development, Multicultural, Census, Associations/Non-Profits
Regions: United States
Economic and Business Effects of Ethnic Diversity in Western European Cities
Topics: General Business Services & Administration, Multicultural, Census
Regions: Europe
Targeting Consumers at the Bottom of the Pyramid in Developed Markets
Topics: Multicultural
TrendSights Analysis: Socio-Demographic Change
Topics: Adults (18-55), Multicultural, Census, General Product Consumption
Multicultural Beauty: Benefiting from Diversity
Topics: Cosmetics, Multicultural
World Trade & Customs Directory 2019
Topics: Multicultural, Market Research, General Product Consumption
Regions: Global
Emerging Consumer Lifestyles in CĂ´te d'Ivoire
Topics: Adults (18-55), Smart Phone, Televisions, Multicultural, Census, Consumer Goods, General Product Consumption, Food & Beverage, Leisure Travel
Regions: Cote d'Ivoire
Understanding the complexities of nomadic identities
Topics: Multicultural
Lebara Moves into Entertainment with a Multi-Ethnic Content Service
Topics: Home Video & Video-on-Demand (VoD), Multicultural, Wireless Company Reports
Family Dynamics of Black Consumers - US - May 2015
Topics: Marketing, Multicultural, African American Market, General Product Consumption
Regions: United States
Social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning in the cultural context
Topics: Management, Multicultural, General Education
Cultural Issues in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure in the Arab/Muslim world
Topics: Multicultural, Tourism
Regions: Egypt
Hate, prejudice and discrimination
Topics: Adults (18-55), Multicultural, Women, Men, Law Enforcement
Activism With(out) Organisation
Topics: Multicultural, General Education, Law Enforcement
Millennial Parents in the U.S.
Topics: Multicultural, Consumer Behavior, Trends, Census, Generation Y, Consumer Goods, General Product Consumption, Food & Beverage
Regions: United States
Advancing cultural complexity, the tourist gaze, and the consumption of places: essays and empirical studies honoring the work of John Urry
Topics: Multicultural, Tourism
Organizing cultural projects
Topics: Multicultural
Diversity: a practitioner’s journey
Topics: Multicultural

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