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The security industry is undergoing a wave of digitalization. New tools and technologies are changing the way end users combat threats and protect their privacy. In the future, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, IoT, and wearable technology may play an increasingly important role.

The security industry encompasses a broad range of segments. Assets that need protection not only include physical objects but knowledge and information as well. Notable market segments include security products and services, biometric identification, facial recognition, cybersecurity, data privacy, encryption, multi-factor authentication, digital signatures, video surveillance equipment, security alarms, law enforcement equipment, safety drones, and access control systems, among other areas.

For more information on this complex and dynamic global industry, browse the security market research reports available from, which provide expert market sizing, forecasts, trend analysis, growth opportunity analysis, and company profiles.

Use’s security industry research to assess the competitive landscape, understand the role of new technology, and identify new market opportunities.
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Security & Privacy Industry Research & Market Reports

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