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Simba Information was formed in 1989 and is widely recognized as the leading authority for market intelligence and forecasts in the media industry.

Serving the information needs of both traditional and new media organizations, we provide key decision-makers at over 15,000 client companies across the globe with timely news, analysis, exclusive statistics, and proprietary industry forecasts. Simba's extensive information network delivers top quality, independent perspective on the people, events and alliances shaping the media and information industry. Our tightly focused editorial and marketing teams meet these needs through the publication of newsletters, research reports, and industry events.
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277 Reports from Simba Information - Reports

  • E-Textbooks in Higher Education 2010-2011

    ... for the coming years. For this report, Simba tapped reactions and experiences on college campuses, as well as insights of vendors, publishers and industry observers. Topics in this report include: Proliferation of e-readers and applications ... Read More

  • Technology Buying Trends in the School Market

    ... buying index" (TBI) has been established to reliably monitor actual sales performance of technology products, on an ongoing basis, in the  K-12 school market. Based on the panelists' reports, sales volume for software, video, computers, ... Read More

  • The Yellow Pages Bankruptcies 2010: One Year Later

    ... in the U.S.—announcing that it had begun a process to refinance its debt in the hope it could extend the maturity dates and change terms. The Yellow Pages Bankruptcies 2010: One Year Later is a ... Read More

  • Publishing for the PreK-12 Market 2010-2011

    ... tool for understanding the dynamics that impact the types of instructional materials and services most in demand in the school market. The most up-to-date business information and market trends in this report provide a complete ... Read More

  • PreK-12 Special Education Market Forecast 2010

    ... analysis of the trends, opportunities and challenges in this market segment to guide publishers, service providers and marketers. Topics include: Size and structure of the PreK-12 special education market segment, Pertinent state and federal policy ... Read More

  • Independent Yellow Pages Publishers 2010: Forecast & Analysis

    ... publishing market. Independent Yellow Pages Publishers is an inside look at the segment of the industry that has gone from a 6.45% market share in 1996 to approaching a 30% share by 2010, with no ... Read More

  • Business of Consumer Book Publishing 2010

    ... printers and retailers have come to rely on year after year. As with past editions, Simba presents: A multi-year analysis of three major bestseller lists. Profiles of 20 leading publishers. Simba's signature strategic examination of ... Read More

  • Trends in Trade Book Retailing 2010

    ... ready for it. Stay ahead of the curve with this all-new edition. A sister report to our annual Business of Consumer Book Publishing which debuted in 2009, Trends in Trade Book Retailing 2010 compiles national ... Read More

  • Sales Force Effectiveness in 2010: The Yellow Pages

    ... projected $14.92 billion in 2010. In the midst of this economic turmoil the industry has faced a number of challenges but among the most difficult: a sales force dedicated primarily to print sales in 2000 ... Read More

  • National Survey Of Early Childhood Programs

    ... for Education Statistics (NCES) grade by grade enrollment figures for the school year starting Fall 2009 indicate that the Early Childhood market of Prekindergarten through second grade consists of approximately 12.5 million children, up from ... Read More

  • Trade E-Book Publishing 2010

    ... the future of e-books and presented independent and myth-busting analysis on the most talked about (but most unknown) segment of trade books. Once again, Simba takes e-book questions directly to consumers in the form of ... Read More

  • Yellow Pages Market Forecast 2010

    ... plan for growth this year and beyond. Use YPMF 2010 to uncover the driving forces shaping the strength and direction of the overall market: The state of the U.S. yellow pages and directory publishing industry, ... Read More

  • Business Information Markets 2009-2010

    ... technology trends that are constantly reshaping the dynamic market for creating and distributing content to business professionals. This report covers all business information services that provide content, delivered through proprietary online networks, the Internet and ... Read More

  • Moving Online: K-12 Distance Learning Market Forecast 2010

    ... this growing segment of the school market. Specifically for this report, Simba Information partnered with leading education market research firm Market Data Retrieval to conduct a survey of public school- and district-level administrators on their ... Read More

  • Month-to-Month: Simba's Analysis of Bestseller Trends 2009

    ... 2009. What categories did better in which months? What authors had a tendency to fall out of favor with buyers quickly and which ones had staying power? What imprints came out on top and when? ... Read More

  • Audiobook Intelligence Briefing 2010

    ... information regarding the number of adults buying and how many titles they’re buying, but it presents every conceivable demographic (age, ethnicity, gender, geographic region, education level, occupation type, employment status, household income, individual income, marital ... Read More

  • Social Science and Humanities Publishing 2009-2010

    ... to Simba's research catalog, Social Science and Humanities Publishing 2009-2010 analyzes the market size and trends shaping this segment of the industry. This all-new intelligence provides a comprehensive, analytical look at the overall landscape of ... Read More

  • Top 20 U.S. Yellow Pages Markets 2009-2010

    ... trends, the collapse of syndicated usage research, sizing of revenue and market share projections shaping the marketplace. Top 20 U.S. Yellow Pages Markets 2009-2010 arms decision-makers with an effective solution for benchmarking success, sizing up ... Read More

  • Simba Information's 2009 National Textbook Adoptions Scorecard and 2010 Outlook

    ... offers the most comprehensive analysis available of the results of 2009 state textbook adoptions that is expected to generate nearly $500 million in first-year revenue for publishers and of the opportunities for an expected improved ... Read More

  • Online Yellow Pages Markets 2009-2010

    ... this report offers exclusive perspective on how yellow pages publishers need to position themselves for future growth in the dynamic online medium. Use Online Yellow Pages Markets 2009-2010 to: Gain access to Simba’s exclusive data ... Read More

  • Wireless Information in Professional Markets 2009-2010

    ... in the fields of law, health care and finance, but its full potential has not yet been met. Wireless Information in Professional Markets 2009-2010 focuses on market penetration, usage patterns, pricing, end-user segment profiles, major ... Read More

  • Children's Publishing Market Forecast 2010

    ... pitfalls. How are publishers battling challenges such as an overall decline in reading, returns of unsold stock from retailers, and the intensifying battle for shelf space? The overwhelming successes of children’s book series in recent ... Read More

  • Yellow Pages: Market Shift to Mobile Advertising 2009-2010

    ... the U.S. yellow pages directory publishing industry with a focus on mobile advertising in terms of revenue, growth and market share for leading publishers, as well as trends and forces that are shaping the market ... Read More

  • College Publishing Market Forecast 2009-2010

    ... understanding the business dynamics in the college instructional materials market, including the impact of changing distribution models and the inroad of digital materials. Prepared by the experts at Simba Information, College Publishing Market Forecast 2009-2010 ... Read More

  • Corporate Training Market 2009: Forecast & Analysis

    ... as market forces that are shaping the world of training among business professionals today. This report is the premier source of market intelligence for executives, analysts and business strategists who want analysis of the technology ... Read More

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