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NOOZZ is an independent Emerging Markets Intelligence Service focusing upon the Arab world.

Unlike any other service of its kind, NOOZZ operates separate portals for each of the countries it covers, enabling clients to access in-depth data across a wide range of subjects - news, politics, economy, business and financial markets, risk, industry, events, projects and tenders - as well as helping to identify specific business opportunities and the risks associated.
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12 Reports from Noozz Research

  • United Arab Emirates Infrastructure & Construction

    ...the region’s busiest airports, and extensive water and energy systems. The country’s sewerage infrastructure, while still relatively primitive, is being developed to put cities and towns on central sewerage systems. The UAE leads the MENA ... Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

    ...capita GDP comparable to many developed nations, the average Emirati consumer is able to exercise a preference for branded imported drugs, giving multinationals an edge over local competitors, though the government has launched schemes for ... Read More

  • TUNISIA Infrastructure & Construction

    ...investment in real estate and infrastructure development, Tunisia’s infrastructure, construction and real estate sectors are on track for considerable short- and long-term growth. From major real estate development projects spanning a planned US$3 bn financial ... Read More

  • Morocco Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

    ...Moroccan government is in the process of increasing free healthcare services, particularly for those living under and around the poverty line as well as those living in rural areas. However, private care is engrained in ... Read More

  • Morocco Infrastructure & Construction

    ...infrastructure sector accounted for over 6% of GDP and employed 11% of the population, or about 966,000 people. The sector is projected to grow just over 6% by the close of 2012 and average 6.5% ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Infrastructure & Construction

    ...anticipated to reach US$30bn in 2013 with analysts forecasting total investments in the sector to reach US$4.2tr by 2020. Infrastructure is also a large market in Saudi Arabia. Government spending has focused on boosting Saudi ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

    ...decrease by 1% per year, Saudi Arabia accounts for the highest per capita spending on healthcare products in the region. Though incentives for building local production plants are offered for foreign investors, government interference in ... Read More

  • Tunisia Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

    ...cannot boast billion-barrel fields or huge swaths of open acreage, the country presents a number of unique opportunities for foreign-owned companies and investors alike. Furthermore, Tunisia offers a comprehensive and investor-friendly legislative framework and competitive ... Read More

  • Qatar Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals some of its Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region neighbours, but high spending power and an increasingly professional expatriate population have bolstered demand for high quality services and branded pharmaceuticals in the country. ... Read More

  • Qatar Infrastructure & Construction a percentage of GDP. Considering the recent economic downturn, this is a strong testament to the strength of Qatar’s construction sector. There are four intertwined components of Qatar’s infrastructure and construction sector. First, infrastructure ... Read More

  • KUWAIT Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals 2013

    ...of its Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) neighbours. Increasing wealth, overstretched public services and a majority expatriate population has upped demand for the high quality of service and imported pharmaceuticals that only the private sector can ... Read More

  • KUWAIT Infrastructure & Construction

    ...BOT framework, the private investor constructs and operates the facility for a fixed amount of time and then transfers ownership to the government. The current BOT financing model is based on Law 7 dating to ... Read More

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