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  • Cable MSO Market 2018 – 2025

    ... MSOs are predominantly fixed connection providers that utilize fiber and largely cable for connectivity to homes and businesses. This category includes residential Internet, Voice over IP (VoIP), TV, and security services as well as a ... Read More

  • 5G New Radio (NR) Networks for Private IoT Networks and Industrial Automation

    ... and NR technology that will be operable from sub-1 GHz to 24+ GHz in a range of low band, mid band, and high band. A variety of complementary technologies will enable 5G NR supported systems ... Read More

  • Mobile Gaming Application Store Analysis 2015

    ... non-network mobile gaming apps under downloadable paid, in-app purchase, and/or hybrid models. The mobile game application then uses the mobile device’s platform to run the gaming software. While Google Play and Apple app stores are ... Read More

  • Social and Digital Entertainment Market and Forecast Analysis 2013 - 2018

    ... and the convergent usage of the so-called “Second Screen” devices including smartphones, tablet, phablet, netbook, laptop and other devices. Mind Commerce anticipates localization and other personalization methods on Second Screen applications and services as well ... Read More

  • Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Market, Industry Verticals, Business Strategy and Planning

    ... are all important to success in any industry vertical. This publication includes M2M Business Strategy and Planning as well as M2M Technology Drivers, Market Dynamics and Industry Verticals. This report introduces M2M to business leaders. ... Read More

  • Google vs. Carriers: SWOT Analysis and Future of Telecom and Commerce

    ... certain areas that Google is positioned to take significant market share and even potentially dominate. With their own core service offerings becoming increasingly commoditized, the existing carriers (traditional wireline/fixed and wireless network operators) cannot afford ... Read More

  • Mobile Bar Code Marketing: Challenges, Opportunities, Global Outlook 2012-2017

    ... their capabilities, Mobile Barcodes are becoming a powerful advertising vehicle. Unfortunately, far too few marketers recognize its true potential. Although the technology does represent an efficient way to access websites, there is significantly more value ... Read More

  • Apple TV vs. Google TV

    ... and Music. Target Audience: Mobile/wireless TV providers Google and their competitors Next generation TV service providers Next generation infrastructure vendors Value-added Service (VAS) application developers General Methodology Mind Commerce Publishing's research methodology encompasses input from ... Read More

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Media market research reports by Mind Commerce

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