Embedded Internet of Things Market Outlook and Forecasts 2022 – 2030

Embedded Internet of Things Market Outlook and Forecasts 2022 – 2030

This report provides qualitative and quantitative data on opportunities for the embedded systems hardware, software and tools. Analysis focuses on embedded systems and opportunities for hardware manufacturers and software developers at various stages of the business life cycle for IoT solutions.

The report also provides analysis of the products that will be developed to support IoT, changes in traditional RTOS will be required to match performance with IoT, changes in Hardware required to match needs of IoT, types of peripherals and tools will emerge to support processing of embedded systems in IoT.

Mind Commerce sees the need for change in current embedded system architectures in the advent of the IoT. Presently, embedded systems are limited in terms of their ability to support IoT.

There is a need for drastic changes in the hardware and software designs to allow them to fully support functioning of IoT applications. This is especially true with respect to critical use cases such as high temperature, high pressure and at high or very low altitudes and deep-seated places.

Companies in Report:

ARM (Softbank Group)


Cisco System Inc.


DDC-I Inc.

Echelon Corporation (Adesto)



Freescale Semiconductor (NXP)

GE Software


Intel Corporation

Lynx Software Technologies, Inc.


Nest Labs. (Google)



Oregan Networks Ltd.

Qualcomm Atheros Inc.

Renesas Electronics Corporation


Sparc International Inc.


Wind River (Aptiv)

1.0 Executive Summary
2 Introduction
3 IoT and Embedded Systems in Industry
3.1 Internet of Things by Sector
3.1.1 Consumer IoT
3.1.2 Industrial IoT
3.2 Embedded Systems in IoT
3.3 Key Embedded Devices used in IoT
3.3.2 Network Devices: Gateway / Hub / Router / Bridges
3.3.3 Sensors and Actuators
3.3.4 Edge Devices
3.3.5 Wearables
3.4 Role of the Embedded Systems in IoT
3.5 Real-time vs. Standard Embedded Systems
3.6 Working Principal of the Embedded Systems in IoT
3.7 Examples of Connected Embedded Devices in IoT
3.8 Global Markets for Embedded Systems
4 Embedded System Technology and Developments
4.1 Embedded Devices and IoT Infrastructure Architecture
4.2 Key Technology Developments in Embedded System for IoT
4.3 Core Embedded Systems Infrastructure
4.3.1 Microprocessor / Microcontroller
4.3.2 Embedded Software
4.3.3 Next Generation Real Time Operating Systems
4.3.4 Embedded System Software Design Tools (Debuggers, Compilers and Assemblers)
4.3.5 Peripherals
5 The Role of Embedded System in IoT
5.1 Types of IoT Embedded Systems
5.2 Connections between IoT and Embedded Systems
5.3 Significance of IoT for Embedded System Developer
6 Global Market for Embedded Systems in IoT 2022 – 2030
6.1 The $8.3 Trillion IoT Business
6.1.1 Overall Market 2022 – 2030
6.1.2 Consumer vs. Non-Consumer IoT 2022 – 2030
6.2 Markets for Embedded Systems 2022 – 2030
6.2.1 Markets for Hardware and Software Components in Embedded Systems 2022 – 2030
6.2.2 Market for Microcontrollers and Other Hardware Components 2022 – 2030
6.2.3 Markets for Software Components in Embedded Systems 2022 – 2030
6.2.4 Regional Markets for Embedded Systems 2021 – 2030
6.2.5 Markets for Embedded Systems in North America 2022 – 2030
6.2.6 Markets for Embedded Systems in EMEA 2022 – 2030
6.2.7 Markets for Embedded Systems in APAC 2022 – 2030
6.2.8 Markets for Embedded Systems in CALA 2022 – 2030
6.2.9 Markets for Embedded Systems by Industry 2022 – 2030
7 Embedded Systems in IoT Industry Analysis
7.1 Next Generation RTOS to Drive Embedded Expansion in IoT
7.2 Next Generation Chips in Development to support IoT Needs
7.3 Focus to be on Small Devices
7.4 Time Savings for Go to Market to Drive Demand for COTS
7.5 Embedded SIM (eSIM)
8 Embedded Systems in IoT Vendor Landscape
8.1 Key Strategy Initiatives
8.2 Hardware Vendors
8.2.1 ARM Holdings
8.2.2 Cisco System Inc.
8.2.3 Echelon Corporation (Adesto)
8.2.4 GreenPeak
8.2.5 Intel Corporation
8.2.6 Microchip Technology Inc.
8.2.7 Micron Technology Inc.
8.2.8 MediaTek Inc.
8.2.9 Qualcomm Atheros Inc.
8.2.10 Renesas Electronics Corporation
8.2.11 STMicroelectronics
8.2.12 Samsung Developers
8.2.13 Texas Instruments
8.3 Software Vendors
8.3.1 Contiki
8.3.2 Lynx Software Technologies, Inc.
8.3.3 Oregan Networks Ltd.
8.3.4 Wind River
8.4 Other Platforms/ Alliances / Peripherals
8.4.1 Insteon
8.4.2 GE Software
8.4.3 Marvell
8.4.4 Nest Labs. (Google)
8.4.5 Netgear
8.4.6 Netgem
8.4.7 Object Management Group
8.4.8 Technicolor
8.4.9 Connectivity Standards Alliance (formerly the Zigbee Alliance)
8.4.10 Z-Wave Alliance

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