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MIC is based in Taipei, Taiwan and was founded in 1987. It is Taiwan’s ultimate Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) market research group, providing intelligence, analysis and strategic consulting which focuses on the Asia-Pacific region. MIC works in tandem with other ICT firms to create unrivaled access to the latest industry information. Thanks to its unique Asian viewpoint, MIC provides clients with knowledge and insight that is necessary in order to succeed in the dynamic ICT world.
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317 Reports from Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute

  • Taiwanese Solar PV Cell Industry, 3Q 2016

    ... of silicon PV cell capacity, utilization rate, production volume, silicon PV cell material, and shipment destination. The content of this report is based on primary data obtained through interviews with Taiwanese silicon PV cell vendors ... Read More

  • The Taiwanese Cable, IP & OTT STB Industry, 3Q 2016

    ... and ASP, and manufacturer volume ranking. The report also examines price trends, production locations, shipment destinations, business types, and customer portfolios. The content of this report is based on primary data obtained through interviews with ... Read More

  • Chinese Home Appliance Industry and Market, July 2016

    ... released China's Industrial Green Development Plan for the period 2016-2020 in order to speed up the development of the green industry in the next five years, including home appliances. Driven by the ultimate objective to ... Read More

  • Recap and Outlook for the Worldwide IC Foundry Industry in 2016

    ... technologies for smartphone and PC chips. Driven by the need of high-end processes for smartphone chips, the worldwide foundry industry is expected to see stable growth in 2016. This report reviews the industry's development in ... Read More

  • Challenges and Opportunities of IGZO Panels

    ... including high resolution, low power consumption, transparency and higher suitability for large area processes. IGZO TFT panels can be used in smartphones, 2-in-1 tablets, wearables, TVs, and digital signage. Despite possessing the solution to meet ... Read More

  • Chinese Smartphone Market Development, 2Q 2016

    ... There were 107.8 million smartphones shipped in the quarter. When it comes to performance of individual brands in China, Huawei continued to lead the market. Though Xiaomi and Apple maintained the second and third places, ... Read More

  • Opportunities and Challenges of Wi-Fi in the High and Low Frequencies

    ... Wi-Fi devices operating with frequencies below 1GHz and above 60GHz. This report looks at the development of the Wi-Fi in these new frequencies and examines opportunities and challenges facing Wi-Fi and other wireless communication standards. Read More

  • The Taiwanese Notebook PC Industry, 2Q 2016

    ... declines. This is mainly attributed to the fact that global notebook PC demand continues on the downtrend and early inventory replenishment to meet the seasonal demand in Europe and the United States in the fourth ... Read More

  • Worldwide Smartphone Market Forecast, 2016~2020 (3Q 2016 Update)

    ... units, 1.50 billion of which will be contributed by smartphones. The market has dropped to single digits, representing that the market goes through a plateau period. On top of that, MIC predicts that the consolidated ... Read More

  • The Chinese Smart Home Market: IP Camera

    ... this will put IoT companies in an advantage compared to traditional security ones; this report provides an overview of Chinese smart home IP camera market, including market value forecast for the period 2016-2018; examines the ... Read More

  • Worldwide Tablet Forecast, 2016 - 2020

    ... further in 2015 to 206.42 million units, down 14.8% year-on-year. Furthermore, while 7" and 8-9.x" tablets witnessed declines, those with screen sizes larger than 10" increased to 19% in 2015 up from 15.2% in 2014, ... Read More

  • Chinese Home Appliance Industry and Market, May 2016

    ... year-on-year growth. The growth was attributed mainly to the price reduction of raw materials and effective corporate transformations and upgrades. Export value of the Chinese home appliance industry is estimated at 56 billion RMB (US$8.6 ... Read More

  • Smart Manufacturing: A Case Study of Mitsubishi Electric

    ... manufacturing to its production process with the launch of several smart factory solutions, such as visualization, e-F@ctory, and eco-F@ctory. These solutions have been used to connect various industrial automation products, power distribution equipment, and air ... Read More

  • The Chinese Smartphone Industry, 1Q 2016

    ... each vendor's shipment volume share by chipset maker, application processor model, ASP, panel size, camera pixel, resolution, as well as 3G and 4G technologies. The report also examines major chipset makers' product mix for major ... Read More

  • SK Hynix's Strategic Planning for Memory Development

    ... the company is now the world's top five semiconductor firm. This report takes a close look into SK Hynix's market position in the semiconductor industry, as well as its product and technology development in DRAM ... Read More

  • Chinese Home Appliance Industry and Market, April 2016

    ... conditioners which dipped 11.3% year-on-year. The steeper decline of air conditioners was attributed mainly to a considerable fall in the domestic market demand. Meanwhile, washing machines and refrigerators witnessed a mild year-on-year decline of 0.5% ... Read More

  • Smart Manufacturing: A Case Study of Fujitsu

    ... advanced information and communications technology into every aspect of manufacturing to connect product development and manufacturing through smart manufacturing. The results have been validated at Fujitsu's notebook PC plant in Shimane Prefecture as the company ... Read More

  • Smart Manufacturing: A Case Study of Rockwell Automation

    ... Automation has aggressively acquired system integration companies in the manufacturing process and automation sectors as well as companies providing software, hardware, and services. In addition, the company brought forward the Connected Enterprise concept to support ... Read More

  • Development of China's Information Security Industry and Market

    ... reaching a higher degree of maturity. The industry's shipment value reached 40.5 billion RMB (US$6.2 billion) in 2015 and is projected to reach 92.0 billion RMB (US$14.1 billion) in 2018, seeing a CAGR of 31.9% ... Read More

  • The Greater China Notebook PC Industry, 1Q 2016

    ... inventory replenishment in anticipation of the seasonal demand in Europe and the United States. However, with Taiwanese shipments for notebook PC brands remaining soft, the industry's shipment volume declined 2.5% sequentially. On the contrary, the ... Read More

  • Taiwanese Mobile Payments: Consumer Preference and Behavior Analysis

    ... and launching corresponding services. This report provides an overview of statistical outcomes of a survey conducted by MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute) to find out preferences and attitudes of Taiwanese mobile payment users and ... Read More

  • Foxconn's Acquisition of Sharp and Its Consequences

    ... Corporation of Japan) once came forward to compete with Foxconn to bail out Sharp, turning an M&A activity into an important issue of international cooperation between Japan and Taiwan. This report provides an overview of ... Read More

  • Changes in China's Business Environment and Vendors' Corresponding Strategies

    ... competition, rising production and labor costs, and excess production capacity, China's economy is facing a strong headwind, posing severe challenges to local and foreign businesses. This report profiles major challenges faced by Chinese, Taiwanese, and ... Read More

  • The Taiwanese Tablet Industry, 1Q 2016

    ... mix analysis. The content of this report is based on primary data obtained through interviews with tablet brands and makers. The report finds that the Taiwanese tablet industry's shipment value fell 16.2% year on year ... Read More

  • Industrial Robots: Technology, Business Opportunity and Brand Strength Analysis

    ... on year. It is projected that the industry's shipment value will stay flat at around US$8.83 billion in the first quarter of 2016. Industrial robots have been widely applied in a broad array of industries ... Read More

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