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  • Big Data in Healthcare 2017

    ... electronic medical records (EMR), mobile health (mHealth), and the health insurance industry. Big Data in Healthcare also presents information on the following Big Data developments: selected IVD industry IT/Big Data investments, selected IT innovations in ... Read More

  • Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring Systems, Forecasts to 2019, 7th Edition

    ... In recent years, there’s been demand from healthcare organizations for monitors with remote reporting functions and EMR transfer. This Kalorama Information report, Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring Systems, is a comprehensive study on the patient monitoring ... Read More

  • Big Data and Healthcare

    ... healthcare data to enhance practice and boost revenues. Big data consists of the giant data pulls that emerge in every day use from manufacturers, healthcare organizations, governments, scientists and others. Those working with big data ... Read More

  • The World Market for Cloud Computing in Healthcare (Saas, IaaS, PaaS, Other Cloud Markets, Healthcare IT Spending and Other Trends)

    ... streamlining healthcare in a way that can provide benefits to those involved. As this report details, cloud computing is a way of using existing technology to modernize the healthcare industry. Cloud technologies are generally off-site, ... Read More

  • Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring Systems, 6th Edition

    ... as the cost of treating those conditions, is driving sales of these devices. Use of new patient monitoring technologies can result in a need for fewer personnel, increased coverage by existing personnel, and a reduction ... Read More

  • EMR in Europe

    ... industry, demographics, and company strategies. A market summary includes a total market analysis. Also included is a snapshot look at individual countries’ demographics, healthcare spending, EMR adoption depth and competitive opportunities. Electronic Medical Records has ... Read More

  • The Market for Mobile Medical Apps

    ... that are seeing revenues. Kalorama Information has studied the market over the past two years and found a growing market with room for new entrants. This Kalorama Information report, The Worldwide Market for Mobile Medical ... Read More

  • The Worldwide Market for Mobile Medical Apps

    ... Medical Apps details these products and presents a picture of the market today and what it may look like over the next five years. Some popular apps included in this report include. Epocrates Medscape Mobile ... Read More

  • Informatics in Drug Discovery: The Evolving Information Technology Marketplace

    ... have expanded their offerings and hundreds of new software companies have surfaced. In the rapidly changing field of informatics, it is difficult to decode the buzz-words, interpret the extravagant claims, separate true needs from blue-sky ... Read More

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Software & Enterprise Computing market research reports by Kalorama Information

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